Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing my look

It's Sunday. Our day to be lazy. PK is napping. I'm blogging. 
Two of our favorite things to do. 
So, it happened. I have changed my look. 
Contrary to popular wonderment, I indeed am not going back to being a blonde. 

Instead, I thought I'd give my blog a little face lift. I have been feeling like my first blog design just wasn't me. I put it together not really knowing what I was doing & not giving myself the time to really think it through. I still am far from knowing what I am doing, but I'm further than I was, that's for sure. I really love learning about all this stuff! 
So, I have been learning a few tricks on Pic Monkey from my sweet friend & mentor Trina I met at The Influence Conference
{Beginner Beans is Trina's blog. It is practical, from her heart, & faith-filled. I love it! And I lover her.}

It feels really good to finally allow myself to make this blog what I desire it to be. When I was starting up this thing I was always feeling guilty for working on it, like I could be doing something better with my time. I've struggled with this from day one of this blog & I've talked about it in past posts. But today was a big day for me in breaking through that lie. For the first time I've felt the freedom to take as much time as I want on this. To figure out design a bit more, to experiment, to design headers that suck and headers that I think are quite lovely.
 I spent a solid 3 hours doing this today and it feels really good. 
This is something I love. 
I take my blogging seriously and it is something I am passionate about. My blog contains pieces of me that I share with the world so why wouldn't I design it to be something that truly does show who I am? 

So, here it is. 
A little under construction. 
And a little more me.

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