Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A reason to blog

Tonight I let myself get lost in the blogging world for a bit. The house is clean, things are {pretty much} prepared for tomorrow, so I let myself spoil myself. Thanks, me. You're welcome.

There is a woman who spoke at The Influence Conference who rocked my world. Her name is Jami*. She's real, she's deep, she's hilarious, and most of all, she loves Jesus with all she's got. She and her family have an incredible story. A story written by God. Redeemed by God. 
I came across one of her posts today that she had written a few years ago. It's about the importance of blogging and what a gift your blog could be to your kids and family members in the future. I'm just going to let you read what she wrote about it because it's just so beautiful:

This simple city life blog of mine is a mere two months old, so I'm still figuring it out. I pray often for the Lord to make it something that He wants it to be. I pray that it will encourage, inspire, connect with at least someone out there. I pray it will make some people laugh, because laughing is good every once in a while. It's way easier than going to the gym. Most of all I want it to glorify God. To magnify His name. To make Him known as I make my heart known to you who read.

And I want a reason why I blog to be about what Jami wrote. It's like a little time capsule. But not, because you can look at it whenever you want. Ok bad example. Start over. It's like a little yearbook of your life, but not in a year, because it's your life. So a life book? Ok, I give up. Hopefully you get what I mean. If we are blessed with kids one day, I do want them to look at this and see what their mom was up to in 2013 and on. How cool she was then. Young, hip, and spry. Rockin' the skinny jeans. {Which they will probably think are hideous by the time they read any of this.} And how much of an old soul their dad was and will always be and how I actually think he was made to be a grandpop sitting in a rocking chair, smoking a pipe, still wearing a bow tie like he did in 2013. What a beautiful reason to blog. Thank you, Jami. And a big thanks to the Lord, for giving me this sweet time to get lost in blogs and for opening my mind to a wonderful reason to keep this thing going. 

*Jami, I know you have no clue who I am, so hopefully you don't think I'm too creepy writing about you. If you ever read this I just want to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your life. Through your blog. At the Influence Conference. The Lord has used you in my life and in my marriage. 

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  1. Sometimes, getting lost lands me right where I need to be. So glad you found some encouragement for your blogging journey. And so sad my copy of Jami's talk cutout after the first 5 minutes!