Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break is approaching for my sweet college students and bunch of them are headed down to sunny Panama City Beach, FL for a conference called Big Break
I'm a wee bit bummed that I can't go this year. 
I mean, what can be better? 
Roadtrip. 17 hours. {This one is debatable}
Sharing your faith. 
Super awesome community.
Getting outta the city for a bit. 
Growing in your walk with God. 

I don't remember the last time I wasn't there. 
A big part of me wants to say to them, "don't have too much fun without me," but the rest of me wants them to have a ton of fun, like a way lot of fun without me. Just let me live vicariously through your Instagrams please. Just give me that, k you guys? And when I'm bored at home, I'll superimpose myself in the pictures and tag you. It'll be like we are making memories together. Like I'm right there with you. Sand in our toes. Wind in our hair. Someone daring the other to touch the top of a washed up jellyfish. I can just see it now. 

Well, since me going to PCB is not happening {the superimposing will happen}, I decided to do a little something special for the lovely young women who are going there from the university where I am on staff. I made them little daily devotionals and I was encouraged by hubby to share them here on ol' bloggy woggy. Every day until next Friday I will post one. This will be perfect for you lovelies that aren't going to PCB so you can still do them over your spring break, wherever you are! They kind of pertain to Big Break, but you'll still get something out of them. I hope anyway. And for any of you guys out there who want to give them a read, please disregard words such as "sweet daughter of the King, honey boo boos, my loves, tootsies" and so on. I love you guys, but not like that. Weird. 

Here is day one:
It's some fun quotes to start off the week.

Ok, here's the thing. Well, two things. 
One: This picture may look blurry. That's because it is. I asked for a real camera for my 30th. Crossing my fingers. Then just wait. Crystal clear pics! Until then, it's the trusty iPhone 4S. 
And two: I am too pooped to figure out how to center this picture right now AND I really want to watch an episode of Giuliana & Bill. So, this whole layout is going to look weird until I fix it. Any suggestions? It's a little under construction. Aren't we all?

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