Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wedding Gifts: Anthro-inspired

Get a load of these lil' gifts!

Before I delve into the details of 'em, lemme introduce you to my sweet friend, Sara:

This city, my home sweet home, would not be the same without her in it. She and her hubby play a huge part in our lil' life here. She is one of the people that makes up my little family here in this big city. Sometimes this place can get the best of you, and it's friends like her that help you see the good in it all. I just love her to pieces!

So, the other day, I walked into her house and found these wooden utensils lookin' all cute and I'm like "whaaaaa?!" Where'd you get those? And she's like "Shuga, I made 'em." Ok, she's never called me "Sugar" before. I just wanted to add emphasis.
Before she went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get the plain wooden kitchen utensils pictured above, she {like any wise woman} made a stop to heaven on earth, oops, I mean Anthropologie and picked up these beautiful bowls:

Then, she took her creative self and mixed up some paint to make it match the bowls & painted the ends of the utensils. It's so simple, so cute, & the blushing bride who receives these gifts can now use the bowls and the utensils to decorate her kitchen! Practical decorations. Doesn't really get any better. 
Side note: Sara also painted ombre mugs to make the gift complete. You can see those a little bit in the picture of her painting them. So cute! 

I think these are the perfect gifts. I mean, who doesn't love anything Anthro? And there was thought & love put into it as well. A good lil' combo. I kind of want to have just one more bridal shower so Sara can make them for me too. Or, maybe I can mention it to her as my birthday approaches. Seems easier. 

For my ladies on a budget who need to get a thoughtful gift for a dear friend, bride-to-be, or even a little Mother's Day gift, this is it. 
Have fun & be creative! 


  1. yess!! so cute!!! i want some for my kitchen!!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Nice lil website. :)