Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tour De Coffee Shops: BOW TRUSS

All aboard the caffeine train for day two of the tour! 

Well, I guess I'm hopping on the decaf train in hopes that the caffeinated folks won't hate.
Caffeine makes my body go unbelievably crazy on the inside. 
Take for instance, the time about a month ago I asked for decaf but ended up with caffeinated coffee and then proceeded to partake in four, yes, four workout videos just to try to not feel so insane. 
Let's also take for instance my digestive system whilst running the Chicago Marathon in 2011. I'll keep it at that and up to the imagination. Don't think too hard. 

Alright, before I let you know any more incriminating information about the reactions of my internal organs, let's get back to why you're reading this in the first place: Bow Truss

Thoughts de Christine: 

Once again, my world was rocked. 
We walked in and Ray Charles was playing on the record player, the barista and the coffee roaster man were hard at work, and the aroma of good quality coffee was in the air. We took a look around and like the true females were are, we couldn't stop saying
 "Oh my gah, this is so cute." 
Let me further define my definition of cute though. 
It is rugged, vintage, outdoorsy, cozy-cute. 
A place you want to sit for a long time with good conversation and good coffee.

Which brings be to my next point.
The coffee. 
My Decaf Americano really was perfect. There's no other way to put it. 
Made me want more after every sip. 
Not too bitter. 
Not too watery.
A solid combination of coffee goodness in my mug.
You know what they say: "Happy wife, happy life." 
Here's what I say: "Good cup of coffee, happy life." 
And Bow Truss, you did it for me. You make life good with every sip, the folks that work there are top notch and friendly, and the atmosphere made me not want to leave. 

One more thing I don't want to forget:
Bow Truss not only serves quality coffee, but they roast their coffee right in front of our faces. Ok, not like RIGHT in front of our faces, but more in the back of the store, but you can still see them. I LOVE everything about this! The minds that make all this happen are brilliant. They roast to order, the beans are as fresh as fresh can get, their standards are wicked high, yet they are down to earth, have a sweet partnership with the people from where they get the beans, with local Chicagoans, and also with restaurants around the city. 

Bow Truss, you will see me again and learn my name, don't you worry. 
I am in love. 

Thoughts de Jenna


I loved the look and feel of Bow Truss from before I even walked in the door! Big, glass windows let passerby's see how amazing the inside is and just makes you want to walk right in! Inside, I absolutely loved that coffee was being roasted and packaged right past the counter and seating area. You can sit all day long and watch if you want to, and I was definitely tempted! I give Bow Truss major props for roasting some amazing coffee and producing my favorite espresso (for realz). Most places around the city use Metropolis, but I've been excited to see more and more switch over to Bow Truss as their supplier! It was pretty quiet in there, and the seating capacity is rather limited--hence why we sat at the Pac Man game doubling as a table.

Customer service: 
No complaints! The staff wasn't extra friendly or talkative, but they are most definitely respectful and do their job well. No fluff, but you get what you pay for!
As I already mentioned, Bow Truss espresso is my current favorite. So, I obviously enjoyed my latte! I went with a Vanilla Latte because they don't have Almond (sad day!), and was not disappointed. I planned on ordering some type of breakfast-y bread item, but alas, not food was stocked in the place! So my stomach was grumbling, and we had to follow our Bow Truss visit with one to CBA. I know Bow Truss hosts baking vendors from time to time, who set up goods in the window for purchase, but having something edible available on a consistent basis would be nice. The main player, however, is the coffee. And they delivered on that front!
I was instantly impressed with the layout and style of Bow Truss. That have a few smaller seating areas, and one giant table. There is a blue canoe standing up in the corner that I absolutely adored. And again, having all of the roasting materials out for customers to see make me a happy camper! Bow Truss does not, however, have wifi. This definitely discourages customers from hanging around too long, and will most likely keep me from frequenting too often. No other complaints, though! It's in a nice area of Lakeview that I don't go to often, which is a plus.
All in all, Bow Truss definitely warrants a visit and is deserving of loyal customers!

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  1. The coffee is almost too pretty to even take a sip of.