Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Let's be honest here. 
Heritage is my most favorite coffee shop in this entire city. 
Hands down. 
Mind you, I haven't been to all of the coffee shops around the city, but I don't even have to. 
Heritage had me at coffee shop and bike shop in one. 
I've been here a million times already, but Jenna had not, so we HAD to make this one of our stops on the tour.
 Here's my new saying in a southern accent for some reason:
"You ain't been to Chicago if you ain't been to Heritage." 
As you softly say this out loud to yourself, remember to add an "A" on the end of Chicago.
Go ahead, whisper the saying to yourself. It'll make you feel liberated and free.

Thoughts de Christine:

The people are awesome. 
The coffee is so freaking good. 
They brew Stumptown Coffee!!!! 
Stumptown story: Back in 2008, me and one of my best friends in the entire universe, Kelley, went on a road trip that was beyond incredible. When we made our stop in Portland, we ran into Stumptown Coffee and spent probably too many hours there. Talking. Reading. People watching. This coffee has such a special place in my heart. Every time I drink it I am taken back to our road trip. And I'm reminded of our sweet friendship. And even though we live far away, my dear friend, I am reminded of how much I love you! Thanks Stumptown! And as always, thanks Heritage. 

As for my trusty ol' Decaf Americano, you think Heritage is gonna let me down. Psssshhht no. Every time I go there, it's awesome. They got it goin' on in the coffee making department and wherever you get those scones, keep gettin' 'em. I like them.
 If you make them, keep making them. 

And get this, if you need to get a flat tire fixed, you get a coffee on the house as you wait. 
You people are brilliant and I will keep talking about you and liking your Instagram pictures and coming to your events {which I have yet to do, but I will doggonnit}. 
And get this other thing, I just got a bike so I can get it fixed at Heritage! My dreams are coming true.
Just in case you were wondering, I am committed.

Ok, true confessions, I forgot to take Heritage pics the day we went here for the Tour de Coffee Shops, so I made up for it by taking pics the next time I went. Here are some bonus food and drink items that were super tasty as well!

Thoughts de Jenna: 


 Um... where do I even start? Combining an amazing coffee shop with a bicycle shop.... can you say GENIUS?! Okay, I will. GENIUS. Walking inside Heritage instantly makes me happy, even before I get espresso in my system! Its so clean inside, and has so many unique little details that make it extra special. The beautiful bicycles on display are never unwelcome, and the tables (one large, communal table and a few smaller ones) are all good spots. We did, however, end up sitting right in the sun on a warmer day and were trying to hide from the glare. But that was a minor detail, and isn't their fault! Basically, everything about this place screams "cool" and "I wish I could just live here!"

Customer service: 
The staff is knowledgable and often found having conversations with regulars that sound like two best friends catching up, which shows how integral the shop is in the lives of their customers! There is something special about serving both customers looking for exceptional coffee and customers looking for exceptional bikes. Everything they do is done with style, precision, and care. And it shows!
Two words: Stumptown Roasters. They use this Portland-based company for coffee and espresso, and it's the best. Whenever I visit Portland (and I will!), I will definitely be paying a visit to Stumptown. Their syrups/flavorings are housemade, and very delicious! I got an Iced Vanilla Latte, accompanied by an amazing Bialy. They sell baked goods from Southport Grocery, which never disappoints! They also make some seriously great sandwiches! Everything was amazing, as always. I seriously just can't get enough of this place.
I pretty much covered this when discussing the atmosphere, but clean, crisp, and cool would be three great words to sum up the joint. White walls, ridiculously beautiful and functional bicycles scattered about, industrial- and vintage-looking accents, and a staff that looks intimidatingly awesome. The music is great here, too. Also, the cream and sugar is housed inside of an old, metal oven, which I just find really great. It's the little things, you know?
If you're ever feeling down and want to be surrounded by pure bliss, do yourself and favor and go the Heritage. It's a shame that the Lincoln buss stopped running past the shop, but the brown line will get you within a nice walking distance if you don't have a car!

{This is made by the lovely Jenna}

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