Monday, April 8, 2013

Tour De Coffee Shops

Last week, one of my lovelies, Jenna, and I decided to hit up some Chicago coffee shops we've been dying to try. Just about everyone at her school was outta town on Spring Break, so we thought, why not make Chicago Spring Break one for the books by doing things we love:
Frequenting coffee shops
Sipping coffee
Talking for hours
Getting to know the best city on earth 
{Which is obviously Chicago, but I thought I'd make it clear}

Monday through Thursday we hit up one coffee shop a day. 
Here's our list:
Tuesday: Bow Truss
Wednesday: KnockBox Cafe

Each day we will give a little overview.
 One from me.
One from Jenna.

As for me and my palate here's what I'm sticking with each day:
Decaf Americanos & a scone. 
{and one extra work out video}
I'm out to find the perfect Americano since that usually is my drink of choice on a non week-long coffee shop hunt basis. 

As for Jenna:
She is sticking with the latte & a bread item.
Her favorite flavored latte is almond, so we will see if any of the coffee shops have that in stock.

Pop on over to the blog every day this week to get reviews of some wonderful local places. Until then, check out each of their websites, instagrams, facebook pages and see what they're all about!

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