Thursday, June 20, 2013

Forget Me Knodt

Oh Uptown, for so many reasons, I love thee. 
First off, the sirens. Never a dull moment. 
Then there's the overly tan lady with the wig by McDonalds. 
{I need to find out her name and buy her a coffee soon}
 Cant forget the people that sell single cigarettes {and then some} outside the Currency Exchange. 
Aaaaah let us not forget about Target, our north star and saving grace. 
In walking distance. 
Some amazing restaurants include:
Baker and Nosh, Inspiration Kitchens, Dollop, Tweet, and Lao Sze Chuan.
And then, my friends, there's Forget Me Knodt flower shop.

Forget Me Knodt is a true gem located in the middle of crazy, amazing, rough, beautiful, diverse, up-and-coming Uptown. I passed by it a million times in my car for the last two months or so and have been intending on going in and checking it out. Then, finally, on a lovely Farmer's Market day, I took me and my bike right over there. There was no turning back for this girl. 

It is like walking into an oasis.
 Literally everything is beautiful. From the flowers, to the sweet {locally made!} greeting cards and gifts, to the shop pup, Maddie, to the lovely women who work here. 
Like, everything. 
And I love the story behind the shop as well. 
It all started with the grandparents of Janessa {the owner of Forget Me Knodt}, who opened up the first Forget Me Knodt Flowers out their home in California. Sixty years later, enter Janessa and her very own Forget Me Knodt right in the heart of Uptown. You can read the whole story here on the shop's cute lil website. 

In conclusion, you better believe you will find me in here. A lot. For any and every reason I come up with. So, Forget Me Knodt folks, for better or for worse, I'm in this for the long haul. I love that you're in the neighborhood where I live and where I love. Thank you for making this place, this neighborhood beautiful one lovely flower at a time. 

Take a look at how adorable everything is: 

Dish towels, cards, & prints made by Nourishing Notes

"Life is grand when you're in the business of making people happy."

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  1. I love that you included Inspiration Kitchens. We love the one in our hood and that it's the ONLY sit-down restaurant in walking distance from our house. Do you love that I'm commenting on a weeks old post?