Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Camera

When I  turned the big 3-0, I received an amazing new camera. I took photography in high school and college and I even went to a class here in the city. So, now's my time to remember all I was taught and put it into action! I really do still have so much to learn and to brush up on, but I wanted to share some of the pictures I've taken. Not to show off my awesome skills because I kind of don't have any, but to share with you my life.
 In pictures. 
From my new camera. 
Because I love it and am excited to use it. 
Some are disappointingly blurry, and some might be just odd I guess and even I wonder why I've taken them. And some I probably could have taken better on my iPhone. But, I've just decided to start taking pictures of everything because, why not? I figure it's the best way to learn my camera, and capture some sweet memories along the way. Here goes nothin':

We took a trip to PK's hometown to celebrate the 60th birthday of a woman who is dear to us all named Denise. Here's my favorite picture of PK, his mom, and sis. 

I am so sad this one is blurry! It was a good ol' self-timed one of all of us. My apologies to my handsome husband whose body took on an odd form in this picture. I love you. It was the best one out of the two. 

PK has been studying incredibly hard for the CFA Exam. There are three tests he needs to take in order to receive the CFA designation. He has passed levels one and two (woo hoo!) and just took level three. These exams are beyond difficult and are time consuming and I admire anyone who has taken them.   Here's how I found him one day as he was studying. 

Lately I've been experimenting with my handwriting and lettering. I've followed some tutorials and look at things on Pinterest and it's been fun to see what I can create. Above are some them. The one on the left is a card I made and in the right picture are some envelopes I addressed for a baby shower I get to throw for my sweet friend Kinzi.  

About two weeks ago I went to see my friend Dusti for a couple of days. She is one of my greatest friends in the whole wide world. It was so great to be with her and her family. She and her husband have been some key people who have walked alongside PK and me in the hard times and the good times. They love well and we are blessed by their friendship. I just had to include a snapshot of their beautiful daughter. She's the cutest thing ever.

This one is one of those odd ones and I wonder why I took it, but I like it. It's a candid one of PK thinking. His mind is always going and thinking and learning. And repeat. I guess my mind is always thinking something but it's usually about things such as how the new Mariah Carey and Miguel song is definitely going to be my summer jam. Or what filter to use on my newest instagram pic. PK, he thinks about dividends and stocks and what cool places we will go in New York City this summer. His are a bit more refined than my thoughts, but both are equally as good to think about. He thinks ahead, I have the fun, then we both teach each other how to mix the two. 
Nice balance, I do say.

More pictures from my camera to come in the near future, I am sure of it!