Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rays of Sunshine.

Sunshine gentle on my face,
Sunshine, caressing, gentle, kind,
Sunshine traveling, through the endless miles of space,
Sunshine forever on my mind.

Sunshine warms the gentle Earth,
Sunshine warms the seven seas,
Sunshine chases sorrows, welcomes mirth,
Sunshine does its very best to please.
--Juan Olivarez--

I feel like the Lord has been so sweet since day one of this season of losing Elston to show me not only bits and pieces of sunshine, but bright, beautiful rays. I have experienced a new depth of joy as a result, and I thank God with all my heart for the mirth. The joy. The laughter that comes after the rain. It doesn't make me miss our sweet baby less, but makes me rejoice all the more at God's plan. God's sweetness to me in the midst of this. God's goodness through people and friends and family. It's like a little taste of heaven. 

Two events that have been beacons of light are:
A. My 30th birthday. 
B. The Bachelorette is back on & America loves Des.
{It's one of my favorite shows. Haters gonna hate. #dontcare}

My 30th Birthday
Yep, life welcomed me into my dirty thirties and there's no going back. 
A couple months ago, while still 29 years old, I started to dye my hair to cover the grays, not just to dye may hair for fun. And to be honest, it takes a lot more work to shed the couple of pounds that once took 2 weeks to shed. Oh my sweet lil metabolism, how I love thee. Other than that, I don't mind turning 30. Truth is, I'm still going to dye my hair because of grays and because it's fun. And I'm not going to stop eating good food and drinking fabulous wine. So, that's that. 
My actual birthday was May 24th. A few Fridays ago. 
I cannot even begin to tell you how loved you all made me feel and you know who you are. I've got some incredible friends and family who made this 30 year old feel what Taylor Swift is feeling these days. 

Here's a recap. In photos:

The ladies of the Dirty Thirty Club took me out for my last day of being 29. 
Dance party in the street.
Best initiation ever. 

The most wonderful college students ever made me notes on notes on notes. 30 of them especially for my 30th birthday! I cried. In a good way. With joy and love and gratitude. And when I don't have the words to say because I am so overwhelmed with how amazing it is, I cry. 
Also, fix your gaze on the most amazing Funfetti cake made by the sweet Sanna Rae Jepsen. {Don't fix your gaze too hard on my editing skills. I wanted to make the cake look 3D. haha!}

I got this delivered to my front door. They were from my beautiful cousin. Best delivery ever. Seriously. These Edible Arrangement things are legit! So lovely. So yummy. 

Our church small group celebrated at Fiesta Mexicana here in Chicago. 
Loved it. Seriously tasty. So fun. I love you people!

The most creative thing I've ever seen. Everyone at dinner got a menu. It's a hilarious recap of my life that my friends Evan & Julie put together. 

Last but not least, the absolute love of my life, PK. 
This picture makes me laugh so much because it sums us up to a T. {Or is it tee, tea?} He is a person I have some serious fun with, and he also keeps me level headed. Therefore, here he is figuring out the bill. As I try my hardest to be the best only child I can be and distract him from getting anything done. Seems like he has caught onto my antics. Haha. Love him. 

Thank you everyone for making my birthday incredibly amazing!! 
I am the luckiest. 

The Bachelorette.
This is a long post but it's worth it in my opinion. I'll keep it short.
I. Love. The. Bachelor/Bachelorette. Desiree's season premiered last Monday and you know we had to prepare formally for it. 

Why yes, we printed out all the bachelors, pre-judged them and picked our favorites. Now they hang on the outside of my coat closet until the season is over. This brings me more joy than I can write in words. What is it about this show?! So good. Good as in, I will never stop watching it. 
#bachelornation always and forever.

In conclusion, my heart overflows with gratitude. 
The Lord has been sweet to provide some glorious sunshine in the midst of a rainy season. 

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