Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Canisters

Whenever I go to my sweet friend Jen's place, her and her hubby are always getting rid of something. I've received some pretty nice stuff from them such as our bar stools for the kitchen and Pampered Chef measuring cups. 

{And Yes, for 3 years of marriage I did not have dry measuring cups.} 

Not too long ago they asked if I wanted an extra set of canisters. You know, the ones you put on your kitchen counter that say "Flour" and "Sugar". Those. 
When I first looked at them I thought, "eeeeeh, they don't really go with our place....they are black and white.... and we have nothing with a black and white patterned anything in our house." 
But then the lightbulb came on.
 I thought "wait just one minute, I can spray paint these puppies and finally have some canisters of my very own for practically no cost at all but the spray paint!." I was already spray painting them in my mind as I was thinking this. 

{I promise these thoughts all happened in a matter of like 5 seconds so there wasn't any of that awkward silence stuff going on. Even if there was, silence isn't really awkward with Jen anyway. She's legit.}

All of this to say, here is my journey with, and a little tutorial of, my now most favorite canisters I have ever owned. {The truth: I've never owned any, but they're still my fave}

What you need:
 - Random old canisters in a shape you like
- Spray paint primer {Rust-Oleum is my favorite}

-Spray paint colors you like

-A drop cloth {I use an old sheet}

-Gloves for spray painting

-A mask. {I wear one so I don't lose brain cells}

How to:
Step 1: Clean the canisters with soap and water. Dry 'em.

Step 2: Spray canisters with primer. 
{Wait for however long the can says to wait before you spray with color}

Step 3: Spray the actual canisters with a color you like. Let dry.

Step 4: Spray the lids with colors you like. Let dry. 

Step 5: Enjoy your new canisters!

Here's my finished product:

{that cable hook-up is an eyesore!}

I just think they look so darn cute in our lil kitchen! 
And now I have more room in my cupboards because the ingredients are in my darling little canisters. 

Do you have a favorite DIY accomplishment? 
I would love to hear about it in the comments! 

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