Friday, August 23, 2013

Do-Rite Donut Shop

This morning PK didn't have to be at work until a little later, so he took me to Do-Rite Donuts on a fun little morning date. It's a place he and his friend Joel frequent and PK is always speaking highly of it. The donuts, the coffee, the convenience and the efficiency of it. 
He was right. About all of that. 
 Which 90% of the time he is usually right on any matter in life really. I know that's not what it's about in a marriage, being wrong or right, but if it were what it was about, PK would be the winner. And I'm cool with that now, most of the time.  He's smart and way more practical and sensible than I and he's really good at directions n-stuff, so I'd rather him be the right one in the relationship. 

AAAAnd now, the lineup of your Friday morning Do-Rite Donuts. 
{Said loudly in a baseball announcer man voice}

Hello, old fashioned cinnamon crunch heaven. Welcome to our table. 

He's even handsome mid-bite. 

I, myself, decided against the mid-bite picture and chose instead
the  old hold-the-donut-up-while-the-man-walks-behind-me pose. 

These little birds get SO close to you!
Also, let us not forget how AH-MAZING Dark Matter Coffee tastes. 
Roasted right here in the Windy City. 

        I was going to put these pictures of us side by side but we literally looked like a pair of boobs. 

It was a lovely city morning.
I was overwhelmed by PK's grace and patience with me prior to leaving for our donut date. I was being incredibly difficult and he showed me God's love with his consistent pursuit of my heart. He showed me God's love with how quick he was to forgive me. None of that I deserved. 
He even posed for a picture inside of an oversized donut. 
That, my friends, is love.


  1. Is it weird that I think even the over-sized fake donut looks good enough to eat? Cause that over-sized donut is looking tasty.

  2. Haha Julie!!!! It does look nice and glazed!