Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rainy Day in NYC? No prob!

On our vacation in New York City, there were some rain-tastic days. 
If you think that would stop the Konickis from doin' what they do then, you don't know the Konickis. Well, maybe you know me, because I could've stayed in all day and watched old seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. BUT I was in NYC for crying out loud, so I decided to take the high road, suck it up, and take a rainy day adventure with my favorite adventurer.

Our rainy day turned out to be super fun! So, if you are ever in NYC and it starts to rain, grab your umbrella, be prepared for your pants and feet to get a little wet, and embrace it! You know what they say {whoever they are}: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." I guess that means we joined.... the rain? Hm.

Anyway, Here's what our day looked like: 

Coffee duh. We found the cutest place called Birch Coffee
Awesome coffee, I love what they're about, and it's like a little oasis in the middle of Manhattan.

 {"Christir" is a new one.}

Early Afternoon:
Chelsea Market. Swoon! 
This was our second time there in a matter of three days. SO CUTE!!!
We ate some lunch and window shopped. Chelsea Market is such a lovely place to shop, people watch, eat, drink. I could spend hours in there, really, and it's not even that big. 

{bags on bags}

{If it's a wine shop, we stop. It's the Konicki way.}

{This was PK's candid-but-not-candid pose. 
Which means there is nothing candid about this picture.
Except that eyesore of a stroller.}

Next up:
Shopping! We went to 5th Ave. and ran from store to store and it worked out great. We dried off pretty quickly, and it's not like there was really a reason to be outside. This means I got to linger in the women's section a bit longer and go back and try other things on. PK was a trooper. 
Places we went: 
And we went to Lids to get PK a Yankees hat. My dad who lives and breathes Chicago White Sox is gonna flip.

Early Evening:
Two words: Freaking weird. 
Okay, not soooo weird I wouldn't go back again, but weird enough where I couldn't not see what some of the exhibits were about. Like eerie, creepy, what-exactly-are-you-trying-to-state-because-this-art-is-a-bit-disturbing kind of weird. Not ALL of it was weird, just a couple pieces. Like the piece made by a female artist who saved her hair, nail clippings, and foot skin in jars. Heebeejeebees. All this to say, it honestly was a really cool place to spend a few hours. Promise. Nothing was really inappropriate. Maybe a ta-ta or two, but way more non-ta-ta art than ta-ta art. 

{What would a modern art museum be without an Andy Warhol?}

{The view was not too shabby at all!}

{Nothing says "art" like a floating shovel}

Dinner and beyond:
For the rest of the night, we ordered Indian take-out and had Seamless deliver it right to our door. We also finished the first season of the Netflix series called House of Cards. We are addicted. When is Kevin Spacey not a creep? I wonder what he is like in real life...

To sum it up {literally, I added it up below}:

Chelsea Market
shopping on 5th Ave.
 a relaxing night in
a really fun way to spend a rainy NYC day.

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