Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chicago Marathon 2013.

 The 2013 Chicago Marathon. 'Twas a bittersweet event for me this year. 
PK and I signed up at the beginning of the year determined to run it together once again. Then in March, wonderful news came of a sweet little baby that was to be born in November. As much as I would have loved to run that marathon alongside my husband, I was all the more excited to be a proud pregnant wife cheering on our baby's soon-to-be-dad. Then May came around and the Lord decided that Heaven would be a better place for that precious baby. 
PK and I then began to train together. Weekday mornings before work. Rising early on Saturdays before the sun. It was our time. No phones. No computers. Just us and the trail. Training for marathons together has been one of the best things for our marriage. Conversations are real. They are raw. They are undistracted. Sometimes difficult. Sometimes light-hearted. The Lord met us there and it's there where we've grown.

As training was taking place this year, so was physical therapy for me and my shins. After months of exercises, correcting how I run, crazy painful leg massages and the like, the doctor put the kibosh on me running the marathon. I find it odd I was so sad I wasn't going to be able to run 26.2 miles. But it was more than running 26.2 miles. It was a significant symbol for PK and me of persevering through an incredibly hard season. Together. But, the Lord decided that we were to do that in a different way than we expected. With me cheering and him running. The sweet thing is that we still persevered. Together.
Here are a few {or more than a few} snapshots of marathon mania 2k13.

^PK shaved a lucky marathon mustache the night before. ^
^This girl ran on Dunkin that day.^

^I joined up with some of my faves to cheer everyone on. Here's Kassie, Stephanie & Neal^
^Best poster ever^
#1 fans.

^Here's Clay. Nope! Not gonna stop!^
^I cannot believe how happy our friend Steph looked at mile 20!!^
                   ^There's Kanani!^                        ^Sanna & her proud Mama!^

^Here's one more^
^When Jeff finally heard us screaming his name. Pure excitement!^
^Saw PK for the first time at mile 20. I think we both needed this smooch. ^
Thank you Jenna for snapping this sweet lil pic! 
^The man. The mustache. ^

^Neal. Tee Hee^
^Here's lovely Stephanie as we were waiting for the runners at the end of the race.^
^Jenna. Ain't she so pretty?!^
^PK owning Chicago. And automatically aging 20 years due to faint mustache. Thumbs up.^

I am so so so proud of my people. {And everyone who ran that thing} As much as it was a bummer not running this year, I feel like the joy and excitement for everyone overpowered that. It was so fun cheering and hopping from el train to el train with people I love to find the people we love who were running. It was a great day. I felt such a togetherness and I think that's exactly what was needed. 


  1. I always enjoyed watching the Chicago marathon. It's so inspiring! And that mustache...well that's just inspiring in a whole new way. ;)

    1. Adrienne, LOL! That mustache sure is inspirational. haha. But watching the marathon IS inspiring! I cried a couple times watching the people run by!