Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I'm loving lately

First things first. My favorite fashion finds. 
These flats. I wear them with everything. 
They are from Forever 21 and I will forever love them.
I also wear this blue maxi skirt way too much. This summer I wore it 2.5 weeks in a row. I wish I was kidding.  In England that would be a fortnight. Plus five days. 

This headband is from Oh Sweet Joy! Head on over to her shop and get yourself one. You won't regret it. 

Second up: my neighborhood. 

When I saw this tape from afar, I thought to myself "Oh what happened now?" Our neighborhood is "rough around the edges" as they say, and there have been some terrible happenings these last couple months. Then I got a little closer and saw that someone strung this tape along that says "lovely." Uptown is on the brink to becoming something wonderful and I love that we are a part of it and that other people see it too.  

Core Power Yoga: Uptown. My little haven here in this part of town. PK and I signed up for a free week of CPY about a month ago and I haven't turned back. I started a program here called Yoga for Trade. I clean the studios three hours a week and, in turn, get unlimited yoga FOR FREE. It's been a great experience getting back into the groove of a consistent workout. The instructors kick my butt in the best of ways. It has been nice to actually take the time to focus on my well being. 

I am LOVING this tree on the end of our block. I love how the morning light hits its vibrant leaves.
But that's not all my friends. Take a closer look and you can see our North Star there in the horizon. Contrary to popular belief, our North Star is not Uptown Pizza & BBQ there on the corner. 
It's Target.
 In walking distance.
God is good. 
It's two stories tall. 
He is really good. 

Thirdly, I am loving the flowers that decorate our home as of late.
These little guys are weeds from the alleyway believe it or not. They are so cute and dainty and happy. They just scream "Good morning Christine!" And if you walked out to our dining spot first thing in the morning, they would say the same thing to you. Except with your name, not mine. 

The orange Chinese Lanterns on our mantel. Swoonville. Not too long ago I walked into my favorite flower shop  Forget Me Knodt and it was love at first sight. I love how they look against our blue wall and I love how they smell. Just kidding, they don't have a scent. I don't even know why I thought that would be a funny joke. #morefunnyinmyhead
These Billy Balls have been around since our wedding three years ago. I think they may be one of my favorite flowers and are a lovely reminder of a really wonderful day. They dried amazingly well, add a fun pop of color and are all over our house decorating walls, tables, and shelves. I didn't hold back. #noregrets

So, those are a few things I just can't get enough of lately.
What are some things that you are loving? 


  1. Now i want to do a favorites post..and i want to get those flats, should have just bought them before!

    1. You should totally do both. A faves post AND order the shoes online. OR go back to Forever 21 and get them. Pronto tonto. Then we can have matching headbands AND flats.

  2. I agree, this made me want to do a favorites post too!! And I think the trade yoga thing is really an awesomely stellar idea!