Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas pins.

True confessions, I've been pinning like a mad woman this holiday season on Pinterest.
Double true confessions, when do I not pin like a mad woman?
 I try not to over-pin in one sitting so I can give everyone's Pinterest feed a little break, but it's just been so tough! From, wintery outdoor scenes to snuggly outfits to gift wrapping for Christmas, it's all so cute and quite frankly, I'm not stopping until we arrive at my parents' house with no internet. That's right, no internet. It'll probably be refreshing. 

On eve of the eve of Christmas I thought it would be fun to share some of the pins that have inspired me over this holiday season. May you bask in their beauty and be inspired too! 
The marquee letters kill me. I'd keep that on my truck all year. The Christmas lights too! Head over this-a-way to see more lovely photos such as this one. 
How does this picture not make you want to move to the beautiful country for just one second? 
And then wrap up with a piping hot cup of coffee in the prettiest blanket you've ever seen.
This outfit. Sign.Me.Up. From The Day Book blog. 

My dream NYE outfit. You can find it over here.
I've been a little obsessed with wrapping gifts with accents of nature. 
Go over to where I found this picture & you'll fall in love even more.
Next year this is happening in our home. It's an advent calendar. It is all sorts of lovely and brilliant. 
It has been a joy to discover this little passion I have for hand-lettering. I was listening to "Emmanuel" by Hillsong and was moved by the words and truth about God in the song. This picture is one of my little creations. May it remind you today that He makes all things new. Jesus is the reason we celebrate this holiday. Remembering that He came to us, here on earth, our Savior. Hallelujah.

What are some fun, inspiring, wintery pins you are pinning these days? 

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