Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh darling, you are lovely.

Just a reminder for you today that you are oh so lovely.
You are adored by your Creator more than you can fathom. 
He created you, He created me, exactly how He wanted. In His image. 
He made no mistake. 
Our eyes.
Our hands.
Our legs
Our smiles.
Our bodies.
Our personalities.
Our strengths and weaknesses. 

All made to reflect the One who loves us more than words can say. 
All made to glorify the One who holds us closer than any earthly being ever can. 
We reflect His beauty. 
So let us take this weekend filled with Christmas parties, time with friends, double dates, and family functions to do just that.  Give the world what it needs. A little more beauty. A little more you. 

I pray that we can walk out of the door more confident this weekend knowing who we are. 
Incredibly loved. Beautifully made. 

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