Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The perfect tree.

To find the perfect tree. 
It takes perseverance. A bit of pickiness. No, pickiness isn't the word. I'd say a good, high standard. 
And a mutual agreement. 
Do you go with a Fir? A Pine? A Spruce? 
According to this guy, if it ain't Frasier Fir, it ain't Christmas tree. 

Christmas goodness inside the shop over at the Garden of Gethsemane. Yes, that's what it's called. 
Mistletoe AND and an ornament in ONE! Sounds like a makeout sesh to me.
Looks like the camera loved the trees more than it loved us in this pic. 

Alas, after about 10 minutes, because it was so seriously cold outside, we agreed upon the most wonderful Frasier Fir we've ever laid eyed on. She's glorious, really. I'm not trying to hate on our one from last year, but she just wasn't a good fit. After we came back from Christmas with the fam, she was on the floor and she broke some vintage looking ornaments. Curses. 
Here she is like mackerel in a fisherman's net. 
The old, trusty Buick Century. I'll miss that car when he's gone. 
{I think I've personified every inanimate object I could on the blog today.}
Here she is, our little beacon of light. 
Oooooh I'd just pinch her cheeks if she had them! I just love her! 
I brag on her even more on my Instagram feed. So head on over there to see how she decorates more than that little corner of the house! 

So, to wrap this up, lemme see here. 
Perseverance...check. A good, high standard...check. A mutual agreement...check.

I'm in love. And sometimes I even keep the lights on all day when I'm home, even when it's bright and sunny out. You know what they say...it's better to show up overdressed than underdressed. 
And dressed perfectly she is! 


  1. LOL I love this and the way you write. And don't worry, you're not alone, the first thing Burkley does every morning when he comes downstairs is plug in the Christmas tree lights. :)

  2. Adrienne, thank you so much. :) I think Burkley and I might be kindred spirits.