Sunday, January 5, 2014

Southern Illinois Recap.

This Christmas we traveled 6 hours south to the middle of nowhere Illinois. Literally. 
PK always describes my parents' place as that place you drive by and say out loud "who would live here?" The answer is my parents. It's where they moved when they retired and they love it. 

So, I ended up taking a ton of pictures. I mean, what else was I supposed to do with no internet?
Here's a little recap of our Christmas and you can meet my family! Enjoy!
sidenote: I think I look nothing like my parents. Let me know if you think I do. 
My mom and dad's Christmas tree. 
Believe it or not it's a Charlie Brown tree, but my mom decks it out to make it look voluptuous. 
My dad thinks he is a redneck now. We are from northern Illinois. I don't think he'll ever be a redneck. 
Maddie, their dog. My mom wraps her in blankets outside when it's cold. #spoiled #notahuman
Here he is. The man with the plan. Dad. I just adore this man. 
They had the best of times that week. They kind of did redneck things. 
Like shoot guns at clay pigeons.
Here's mama! Ever wonder where I get my sass? Don't let her smile fool you. Love this lady.
Mom and Pop took us to a lovely little winery. Southern Illinois is filled with 'em! Who knew?!
The crew.

My dad and his buddies built him a man cave. (Said in a southern accent) It's awesome and very my dad. It's filled with all things Chicago White Sox and pipes & cigars. It contains la-z-boy recliners, tv, and a sound system. Heat and air conditioning included. 
Target practice. 
I did some target practice too. With the headphones on. And I did pretty well! Look! 
PK, my dad, and I went hiking in the Garden of the gods. It was beautiful!
Can you believe this is Illinois?!
Oh I just love him! Oh, and thanks mom for letting me borrow your coat.
Moss. Doesn't it look like an aerial view of forests? 
Just call me your regular ol' mountain goat. 
And remember ladies, a hike isn't a hike without a pop of animal print! 
Here's my dad yelling at PK, telling him to stop being dangerous. He kept saying "You're gonna die! Get down from there!"

The man has adventure in his eyes. 
pop and me.

PK is my dad's dream son-in-law. Look, they are even wearing the same color palette. Which matches nature's color palette. I'm so impressed guys!

A happy new year to you!
Love, Ruger, Maddie, and Remington. Yes, the neighbors named their dogs after guns. Now that's redneck.

Allllll of this to say, no internet was a little challenging, but we got through it and it was probably good for me. :) Time with my parents was much needed and Christmas was a blast!
Mom and Dad, we love you to pieces!


  1. I love this. Also, even before I read your caption, I thought, "She must be borrowing her mom's coat?" lol

    1. Haha! Did you really think that?! That's awesome. And makes me feel better.