Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Capsule Project: What's left.

Last week I did a major clean out of my closet and drawers. Like, you guys, it was pretty impressive. But it was tough!! I realized what I was connected to that needed to be let go. It was incredibly freeing and a week later I can say I am so glad I did it. Because now I have clothes that take no time at all to figure out because they are clothes that I love, that fit well, and I feel confident in. 

When I think of having a capsule wardrobe I think "less is more."
 It's about having great, quality pieces that can be put together in a variety of ways. 
This creates multiple outfits for several different occasions.  

This process has been so fun for me and I hope it will be for you as well. Putting different outfits together may take time. (You know you already spend that amount of time on Pinterest or Netflix anyway, or is that just me?) But the time it takes is worth it because it not only saves time in the morning because you have outfits put together (yay for 15 more minutes of sleep!), but it also saves money. I'm actually excited about the outfits I've been putting together and it kind of feels like I went shopping for new clothes without spending a dime. (yay for more coffee dates with friends because you didn't spend a dime on clothes!)

This week for The Capsule Project I want to show you what is left. These are the pieces I decided to keep. I am so pumped to start showing you all the ways I've styled these pieces in the coming weeks. 
capsule wardrobe essentials

If you're following along with The Capsule Project, it's not too late to clean out your closet! This week, take a look at the pieces you have, start dreaming, and style 'em! I'm taking one piece and styling it different ways for different occasions and will post those outfits in the coming weeks. So, if styling is kind of tough for you, no worries. Tune in next week for some ideas. My girl Jessi has put together amazing outfits with some key pieces from her capsule wardrobe already. Take a look here.

See you next week! xo

Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 5 must have clothing items during the I've-got-more-to-love-but-still-no-bump stage of pregnancy.

So I've heard about it. Friends have gone through it. That stage in pregnancy where the pants don't fit as well as they used to. The button starts poking your stomach and half way through a coffee date with your girls, you surrender and unbutton like you just ate round two of a Thanksgiving meal. Sweet, sweet surrender. 

It's a beautiful thing that's happening right now in this season I'm in. I'm sustaining life, so grow, baby, grow! While baby and I tag team this thing and grow together, I thought I'd share my top five favorite pieces of clothing that have gotten me through the getting-bigger-but-don't-have-a-baby-bump-yet stage. 

First up to bat: loose fitting shirts.
Thank-ya Jesusss that loose fitting shirts are in style.
Everyone wears these things, so I feel like I fit right in. And still feel good.
This shirt is from I just found this website not too long ago and they have really affordable clothes and accessories that are super cute. Thanks Pinterest! 

Next on the list of wonderfulness are the Slim Leg Elastic Pull-On Pants. Go ahead and make fun of my elastic pull on pants...if you dare. Because they are glorious. And they have no button. And no one knows. 
Fancy Leggings
These classy no-button, elastic-waisted pants are second runner up to my super baggy sweatpants, my friends. They are a dream. All of you know how much I love my "back up dancer hip hop pants" as I like to call them. Sometimes when I wear them, I dream of being a Fly Girl on In Living Color. {If you don't know what that show is, then you don't even know the glory you missed out on from the years 1990-1994} I digress. All this to say, these pants are amazing. You can class 'em up or style 'em down.

Flowy tops with prominent patterns have been my best friends.
They distract and you get compliments on the pattern. Two birds with one stone, sisters. 
Flowy Bouses

 Francesca's has been my one-stop-shop for these kinds of blouses. 

Men's shirt + belt + leggings {or not!} = cute outfit that's baggy enough but super feminine.
My friend Sara did this all the time when she was pregnant and I think it's genius. 
I went and picked up a men's business shirt at the thrift store. There are TONS of them there for $2. 
You really can't go wrong. 

Big. Comfy. Sweater Cardigan.
Can you imagine this thing with those classy leggings from the picture up there and a flowy tank? 
It's pretty amazing. Trust me. Pair the outifit with some gold-tipped flats and you've got a cute, comfy outfit that makes you feel confident. 

There ya have it, friends. My favorite pieces of clothing that are getting me by as I wait expectantly for our lil bun bun to grow. For you mamas out there, what have you worn during this stage of pregnancy? Any more tips you have to help a sister out? 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Capsule Project: The Clean Out.

Today is the day. I accepted the challenge to do The Capsule Project and here I am, with two full big bags of clothes to give away, sipping on a Berry flavored LaCroix. 
I thought purging my closet and drawers was going to be more painful than it actually was. It actually felt freeing with a minimal twinge of pain. It felt good to look in my closet, see how simplified it is already, and be excited about the pieces I kept. I will say that there were some shirts that I had some pretty deep ties to. That's where the twinge of pain comes in. Memories with family and friends that were so deeply engrained in certain shirts that I was so afraid to get rid of because I was afraid I would forget that memory. Seriously, I finally gave up clothes I've had since 2001! No joke. I was holding onto things from senior year of high school! And I feel like this week was the first time ever I believed the truth that there is nothing that can take away those sweet memories of that time of my life. Not throwing away a shirt, or losing anything material. Nothing. I have those times stored where I need them and that's in my heart. I know that sounds super cheese ball, but you guys, this is big for me! I always prided myself on the fact that I wasn't attached to material things and look at the butt kickin' I'm getting already! This is so good.

Here's the pile of goodness I said goodbye to:
Here's the pile and me so all you numbers people can get a good proportion. #selfie
The No Brainer Wardrobe was huge in helping me define my criteria of what I'd keep and what I'd give away. Here were some of my rules:

1. If it's ratty/has holes that are beyond repair, even if it was from Anthro, toss it. 
2. If it doesn't fit, see ya.
3. If I haven't worn it in a whole year, it's gone.
4. If I plain ol' just don't feel confident in it, it doesn't stay. 

Here are some quality pieces I kept that I adore and feel good in. 
I see a lot of Stitch Fix items and actually a lot of quality items I purchased at the thrift store. Score! 

All this to say, I deem week one of The Capsule Project a success! Next week I'm starting to mix and match some essential pieces. Hop over to Jessi's blog and Amber's blog to see what they are up to as they walk along the Capsule Project journey as well! xo

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Capsule Project

I've got some fun things happenin' when it comes to my lil' world of style.
Tomorrow I will be linking up with some sweet friends to do a lil' somethin' called The Capsule Project. After reading The No Brainer Wardrobe I was inspired to take a different look at my wardrobe. I was challenged in my awareness of my own personal style, what I spend, how many clothes I have, the quality of those clothes, putting my identity in those clothes, and how much time it takes to pick out one. stinkin'. outfit. The list could go on and it obviously got me excited. 

And I am ready. I am ready to take a look at the depths of my closet, my drawers, and even my heart. I am ready to pick out key pieces that can go with other key pieces and I am ready to get rid of what needs to be purged. I am ready to dig deep and learn more of who I am and who I am not and what I have been hanging onto to define me that needs to be let go. 

 Join me, will you? Go over to my friend Jessi's blog and read about her heart in all of this. It is beautiful and deep and convicting all at the same time. She is the one who challenged me to put what I read into action. Lastly, go get yourself The No Brainer Wardrobe and be inspired. Let's do this together.
Sidenote: I'm doing a bit of a different take on this whole thing because my tummy will be growing as our little one continues to grow for the next six months. I'm looking forward to this. And to being a little creative!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We are proud to announce...Baby K!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeee! I've been itchin' to announce to everyone our lil bundle of love!!!
Due: August 2014

Oh you guys, I am in love. Look at that cute little nose! 
Will you be praying with us? It has been such a wild ride with all things baby this past year. We miss our sweet sunshine baby so much but at the same time we are excited and scared and all of those feelings wrapped into one. What a journey. A journey where we still are clinging to God tight, putting our hope in Him, and praying for our little one to grow healthy and strong.

And last but not least, here's a blooper for you: 
I really wanted to take these pictures outside but it looks AWFUL!!! Yuck! And get a load of my saggy pants. Ow ow! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Five ways to keep a summer mindset in a winter reality.

So, I've gotten to the point where I seriously cannot do this winter anymore. I know I am not alone in this one. As much as I love Chicago with all my heart, I am about ready to pack up my things and move somewhere that will be warm. Warm for the rest of my life. And I promise I won't miss the cold. 

Since that won't be happening any time soon, I figured I needed to change my mindset, and change it fast. So, I've actually been doing some things to help myself have a summer mindset in the midst of this winter reality. Join me and let's think sunny thoughts together and get through this winter on a positive note!

1. Make a summer playlist. 
I have any and every song that reminds me of summer on my playlist. It consists of lots of classic rock, some new stuff  I've found while watching my shows (The show Parenthood is packed full of fun songs), and anything that puts my mind on a beach. 

2. Wear bright colors.
Ok, believe it or not, this is working for me. In the Fall, I was so excited for a darker color palette with burnt oranges and browns and my ever favorite mustard yellow, combined with my big huge cable knit scarves. My friends, I've turned over a new leaf this February. (Looky there, a pun!) I dug out my bright scarves, fun colored shirts, and I'm pairing it all with my chambray button up shirt like it's my job. I'm even painting my nails with my favorite summer colors. 

3. Work out indoors.
Pinterest workout videos have been amazing. And they are free! The neighbors  that live underneath us are probably not so keen on it, but the videos aren't that long and the neighbors should be at work or something anyway, right? Here's my Pinterest workout board link with all the videos I work out to. Tracy Anderson's workouts are hilarious and I know I look absolutely ridiculous doing them, but they are awesome. 

4. Read a book.
I am not a reader, not one bit. But this cold weather has inspired me to snuggle up under the electric blanket, pour myself some tea, and let my mind get wrapped up in book land. Teen novels are pretty much the only thing I read these days. Better than nothin' is what I say. If you haven't read Divergent, you really don't know what you're missing. Plus, the movie is coming out soon. You've got time to get on it. 

5. Grab some friends. Watch a show together. Swap houses.
My friend Becky and I (and all of America) love the show The Bachelor. You can't stop us no matter what you say. So, when Monday nights roll around, one of us hosts, and one of us is the hostee. (Not a word, but whatever.) This winter has made me want to hole up in my house and never leave, so it's been good for me to get out of the house and actually interact with humans. With one of my favorite humans at that. 

Inspire me and tell me how you've been keeping on truckin' despite this crazy weather! There are only so many more books in the Divergent series, so I'll need some new ideas. Stay warm! xo