Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Five ways to keep a summer mindset in a winter reality.

So, I've gotten to the point where I seriously cannot do this winter anymore. I know I am not alone in this one. As much as I love Chicago with all my heart, I am about ready to pack up my things and move somewhere that will be warm. Warm for the rest of my life. And I promise I won't miss the cold. 

Since that won't be happening any time soon, I figured I needed to change my mindset, and change it fast. So, I've actually been doing some things to help myself have a summer mindset in the midst of this winter reality. Join me and let's think sunny thoughts together and get through this winter on a positive note!

1. Make a summer playlist. 
I have any and every song that reminds me of summer on my playlist. It consists of lots of classic rock, some new stuff  I've found while watching my shows (The show Parenthood is packed full of fun songs), and anything that puts my mind on a beach. 

2. Wear bright colors.
Ok, believe it or not, this is working for me. In the Fall, I was so excited for a darker color palette with burnt oranges and browns and my ever favorite mustard yellow, combined with my big huge cable knit scarves. My friends, I've turned over a new leaf this February. (Looky there, a pun!) I dug out my bright scarves, fun colored shirts, and I'm pairing it all with my chambray button up shirt like it's my job. I'm even painting my nails with my favorite summer colors. 

3. Work out indoors.
Pinterest workout videos have been amazing. And they are free! The neighbors  that live underneath us are probably not so keen on it, but the videos aren't that long and the neighbors should be at work or something anyway, right? Here's my Pinterest workout board link with all the videos I work out to. Tracy Anderson's workouts are hilarious and I know I look absolutely ridiculous doing them, but they are awesome. 

4. Read a book.
I am not a reader, not one bit. But this cold weather has inspired me to snuggle up under the electric blanket, pour myself some tea, and let my mind get wrapped up in book land. Teen novels are pretty much the only thing I read these days. Better than nothin' is what I say. If you haven't read Divergent, you really don't know what you're missing. Plus, the movie is coming out soon. You've got time to get on it. 

5. Grab some friends. Watch a show together. Swap houses.
My friend Becky and I (and all of America) love the show The Bachelor. You can't stop us no matter what you say. So, when Monday nights roll around, one of us hosts, and one of us is the hostee. (Not a word, but whatever.) This winter has made me want to hole up in my house and never leave, so it's been good for me to get out of the house and actually interact with humans. With one of my favorite humans at that. 

Inspire me and tell me how you've been keeping on truckin' despite this crazy weather! There are only so many more books in the Divergent series, so I'll need some new ideas. Stay warm! xo


  1. Girl. Seriously so good! I've been wearing black all week and feel so crabby!! Neon tomorrow! Love your ideas. For. Real.

    1. Your winter neon inspires me. Get it girl.