Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Capsule Project: The Clean Out.

Today is the day. I accepted the challenge to do The Capsule Project and here I am, with two full big bags of clothes to give away, sipping on a Berry flavored LaCroix. 
I thought purging my closet and drawers was going to be more painful than it actually was. It actually felt freeing with a minimal twinge of pain. It felt good to look in my closet, see how simplified it is already, and be excited about the pieces I kept. I will say that there were some shirts that I had some pretty deep ties to. That's where the twinge of pain comes in. Memories with family and friends that were so deeply engrained in certain shirts that I was so afraid to get rid of because I was afraid I would forget that memory. Seriously, I finally gave up clothes I've had since 2001! No joke. I was holding onto things from senior year of high school! And I feel like this week was the first time ever I believed the truth that there is nothing that can take away those sweet memories of that time of my life. Not throwing away a shirt, or losing anything material. Nothing. I have those times stored where I need them and that's in my heart. I know that sounds super cheese ball, but you guys, this is big for me! I always prided myself on the fact that I wasn't attached to material things and look at the butt kickin' I'm getting already! This is so good.

Here's the pile of goodness I said goodbye to:
Here's the pile and me so all you numbers people can get a good proportion. #selfie
The No Brainer Wardrobe was huge in helping me define my criteria of what I'd keep and what I'd give away. Here were some of my rules:

1. If it's ratty/has holes that are beyond repair, even if it was from Anthro, toss it. 
2. If it doesn't fit, see ya.
3. If I haven't worn it in a whole year, it's gone.
4. If I plain ol' just don't feel confident in it, it doesn't stay. 

Here are some quality pieces I kept that I adore and feel good in. 
I see a lot of Stitch Fix items and actually a lot of quality items I purchased at the thrift store. Score! 

All this to say, I deem week one of The Capsule Project a success! Next week I'm starting to mix and match some essential pieces. Hop over to Jessi's blog and Amber's blog to see what they are up to as they walk along the Capsule Project journey as well! xo


  1. Holy moly I totally need to do this. Sometimes my closet stresses me out, it's that jammed packed with stuff from YEARS ago. Unreal. You've inspired me! Thanks lady! And good on ya!

    1. It was harder than I thought. I'm really good at helping other people purge because I'm not attached to any of their stuff, therefore I thought I'm not attached to any of my stuff. Wrong. BUT I will say I've spent waaaaaaay less time trying to pic out an outfit this week because all I have left is what I really love. Worth it. xoxo

  2. I'm glad you got rid of stuff from high school. You always thought you were so cool in your thrift store tee-shirts and purple eye shadow.

    1. TBBL! I was like "who in the world is this Mrs. G." and how does she know about me and Andrea's fight? And I was like, oh yeah, it's Andrea. hahahahha!