Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Capsule Project: What's left.

Last week I did a major clean out of my closet and drawers. Like, you guys, it was pretty impressive. But it was tough!! I realized what I was connected to that needed to be let go. It was incredibly freeing and a week later I can say I am so glad I did it. Because now I have clothes that take no time at all to figure out because they are clothes that I love, that fit well, and I feel confident in. 

When I think of having a capsule wardrobe I think "less is more."
 It's about having great, quality pieces that can be put together in a variety of ways. 
This creates multiple outfits for several different occasions.  

This process has been so fun for me and I hope it will be for you as well. Putting different outfits together may take time. (You know you already spend that amount of time on Pinterest or Netflix anyway, or is that just me?) But the time it takes is worth it because it not only saves time in the morning because you have outfits put together (yay for 15 more minutes of sleep!), but it also saves money. I'm actually excited about the outfits I've been putting together and it kind of feels like I went shopping for new clothes without spending a dime. (yay for more coffee dates with friends because you didn't spend a dime on clothes!)

This week for The Capsule Project I want to show you what is left. These are the pieces I decided to keep. I am so pumped to start showing you all the ways I've styled these pieces in the coming weeks. 
capsule wardrobe essentials

If you're following along with The Capsule Project, it's not too late to clean out your closet! This week, take a look at the pieces you have, start dreaming, and style 'em! I'm taking one piece and styling it different ways for different occasions and will post those outfits in the coming weeks. So, if styling is kind of tough for you, no worries. Tune in next week for some ideas. My girl Jessi has put together amazing outfits with some key pieces from her capsule wardrobe already. Take a look here.

See you next week! xo

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