Monday, April 28, 2014

Urban Garden.

We've been living in our condo for almost three years now and there are these three empty raised boxes in the backyard for flowers, veggies etc. In my opinion, they've been calling our names since we've moved in, but we haven't really done anything with 'em. One of our former neighbors planted strawberries in one of them and they keep on coming back each year, which is awesome. But dogs keep peeing on them, which is not so awesome. So I choose the next best place to get our strawberries: the grocery. 
Do you see the strawberries popping up on the left there? Beware! 

PK does the heavy lifting these days. #babyonboard So I just get to watch. ow ow! 
So, we have decided to try our hand at being urban gardeners this year. We're going back to our ancestral roots by becoming people of the land who grow peppers, and cilantro, and basil, and rosemary, and lavender. Right now, I'm totally pumped to see how these puppies can grow! But, true confessions, one of my downfalls in life is my lack of follow-through in a good 67% of everything I do. 

Reading a book all the way through? Highly unlikely. 
Remembering to Facebook someone back? I'm the worst. 
Paying bills on time? Let's just say I may or may not have had an instance where collections called. 
But I want our sweet little urban garden to be different. I want to see it grow.
 And I want to nurture these cute little plants into something we can devour, or at least add into a pizza sauce. My mind and heart so badly want to follow through. 

That's why I'm glad PK is in this with me because he remembers everything. And his follow-through is impeccable. Praying for our son to have the same qualities with perhaps a side of my good eyesight and appropriately filtered one liners. 

In conclusion, I will take the wise words off of a Home Depot bucket and say "let's do this." Let's make this garden into somethin' great. Let's follow through. Let's grow some food. 
(Insert Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt here.)
(Then google Jonathan Taylor Thomas to see what he's up to these days.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day! Ride a Bike!

In lieu of Earth Day, I thought I'd share with you pictures of bikes on bikes from our mission trip to Slovenia. Go green! Ride a bike! Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Long days. Full heart.

Oh my friends, Slovenia has been somethin' awesome. 
Wait, time out for a sec. 
I just realized that all of a sudden, a couple of days ago, I think I just started writing about how I was magically here and never really told you why. My bad. First off, we actually got here by plane, not magic. Sorry to burst your bubble with that one. Secondly, we are here with a group of people from our church to come alongside our sweet friend Melissa and her team who work with Cru over here at the university in Ljubljana. For the past couple of days we have gone on campus and have gotten into some pretty amazing conversations about life and faith with Slovene college students. You guys, it's been incredible. My heart feels alive when I get to talk to people about where they are at with God and in life.  

Shout out to my DePaul women! Get ready for when I come back to campus! This trip has only gotten me more excited to go with you all to have more conversations with your peers. It's gonna be awesome.

Not only do we get the privilege of spending our days in sweet conversations, we also get to be a part of putting on a business leadership seminar for the university students. We are basing the seminars around the Strengths Finder test. Basically, each of us are giving a 5 minute presentation of how our strengths play into our successes at work. Then Melissa and another woman on the staff team have put together a workshop to help students find their strengths, apply the strengths to their careers, and put together a personal development plan. Friday will be a day we will meet up with students for consultations to help them go deeper and get more specific with their personal development plans, and also get to know them and hopefully get into some more good conversations. 

These have been long days, but the coffee is amazing and God is good. All of us have been so encouraged and challenged in the best of ways. Challenged to step out of our comfort zones with engaging in conversations about God with others and also as we take part in these seminars.

Will you pray for us as we enter into our last two days here? 

- Pray that students are emboldened by the seminar tomorrow and that a lot of them would sign up for consultations for Friday. 

- Pray that the seminar will flow smoothly. That the Lord would give us words to really connect with these students.

- Pray that students would come to know Jesus as their Savior. It's why we are here. It's what changed my life and every life of every person on this team that is here. We long for people to know the love that has forever made us new and whole and healed. 

Thank you, my friends. 

The seminar tomorrow will be held here. In the economics department. PK is like a kid on Christmas day. I, myself, just try to crack a joke or two and see if the smart kids laugh. 

My love and me. 
The bikes are way cuter here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First two days in Slovenia. In pictures. Lots of pictures

Our group pre-jet lag, minus Franklin because he was already in Slovenia.
Reunited with this gem (Melissa) AND we get to do ministry together. Happy, full heart. 
Our hostel is on this cute street.
Everyone loves a good, green bench.
Julius Meinl, you sneaky mom. So fun!! And delicious.
Of all the things to say in a tag, I guess there's worse out there. 
Some of our travel buddies, Eric and Angelica.
There will be lots more pictures of this face. Look at those kind eyes. Swoon.
Baby boy and mom. 21 weeks.

Breakfast date with my favorite person on the planet.
I love her heart for Jesus. And this place. And she's really pretty.
Angelica driving stick shift. In Slovenia. She rocked it.
The men.
Just some absolutely incredible show-capped mountains in Bled. 

A candid one of Melissa and someone's fork.
PK and Franklin.
Our group!! 
Until next time...
thank you for your prayers and support during this trip! 
Can't wait to tell you more about how God is at work!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

In the wee hours of the night, my heart longs for Thee.

9:30pm rolled around here in Slovenia and we tucked ourselves in for the night. 
I went straight to sleep then woke up ready for the day. 
At 11:30pm. 
Two hours later. 
So, here I am. It's 12:30am now. 
I'm not sure if my body will be very happy with me tomorrow (or should I say today), but one thing I know is that in these moments, my soul is satisfied. In the dark, stillness I am able to sit here and meet with the Lord and it. is. good. Because lately I feel like I've been going through the motions with minimal connection to God. In His Word but not really going there with my heart. So, I'm trusting that me being up and at 'em was on purpose. I know God longs for my heart and my heart so desperately longs for Him. 

Give me a deeper trust, 
that I may lose myself to find myself in thee,
the ground of my rest, 
the spring of my being.
Give me a deeper knowledge of thyself,
as Savior, Master, Lord, and King. 

This is my main prayer this week as we spend time in Slovenia. That I would know Him with every fiber of my being. That I may lose myself to find myself in Him. And that people would come to know Him like this as well. That their hearts would be open to the love like I have experienced through knowing Jesus. He's here no matter where we are at. No matter how distant. No matter how close. No matter how in between.
Lord, make my heart come to life like this. 

{Isn't this picture unreal? A river runs through Ljubljana and it is that green.}

Friday, April 4, 2014

We're having a BOY!

This past Monday, March 31st, was seriously one of the best days. 
We got to see our sweet little baby boy! Our son. 
We are having a son! Just that thought brings the most happy tears to my eyes. 

It was so great to spend some good time seeing him on the ultrasound, too. He is doing awesome and growing and measuring well and I can't do anything else but thank God for this. To have this sweet boy in me, growing and doing his thing. Thank you Lord. Thank you. 
I kind of already can't get enough of this kid, and the ultrasound pictures make him look kind of like an alien skeleton. But I'm in love! Needless to say, both of us are over the moon in awe and full of joy. I'm not sure if it has sunk all the way in yet. All we know is that we are so incredibly grateful for this healthy lil man. 

And we don't have to re-do the second bedroom because it already had an outdoorsy theme to it. Bam. #itsthelittlethings