Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First two days in Slovenia. In pictures. Lots of pictures

Our group pre-jet lag, minus Franklin because he was already in Slovenia.
Reunited with this gem (Melissa) AND we get to do ministry together. Happy, full heart. 
Our hostel is on this cute street.
Everyone loves a good, green bench.
Julius Meinl, you sneaky mom. So fun!! And delicious.
Of all the things to say in a tag, I guess there's worse out there. 
Some of our travel buddies, Eric and Angelica.
There will be lots more pictures of this face. Look at those kind eyes. Swoon.
Baby boy and mom. 21 weeks.

Breakfast date with my favorite person on the planet.
I love her heart for Jesus. And this place. And she's really pretty.
Angelica driving stick shift. In Slovenia. She rocked it.
The men.
Just some absolutely incredible show-capped mountains in Bled. 

A candid one of Melissa and someone's fork.
PK and Franklin.
Our group!! 
Until next time...
thank you for your prayers and support during this trip! 
Can't wait to tell you more about how God is at work!

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