Monday, April 28, 2014

Urban Garden.

We've been living in our condo for almost three years now and there are these three empty raised boxes in the backyard for flowers, veggies etc. In my opinion, they've been calling our names since we've moved in, but we haven't really done anything with 'em. One of our former neighbors planted strawberries in one of them and they keep on coming back each year, which is awesome. But dogs keep peeing on them, which is not so awesome. So I choose the next best place to get our strawberries: the grocery. 
Do you see the strawberries popping up on the left there? Beware! 

PK does the heavy lifting these days. #babyonboard So I just get to watch. ow ow! 
So, we have decided to try our hand at being urban gardeners this year. We're going back to our ancestral roots by becoming people of the land who grow peppers, and cilantro, and basil, and rosemary, and lavender. Right now, I'm totally pumped to see how these puppies can grow! But, true confessions, one of my downfalls in life is my lack of follow-through in a good 67% of everything I do. 

Reading a book all the way through? Highly unlikely. 
Remembering to Facebook someone back? I'm the worst. 
Paying bills on time? Let's just say I may or may not have had an instance where collections called. 
But I want our sweet little urban garden to be different. I want to see it grow.
 And I want to nurture these cute little plants into something we can devour, or at least add into a pizza sauce. My mind and heart so badly want to follow through. 

That's why I'm glad PK is in this with me because he remembers everything. And his follow-through is impeccable. Praying for our son to have the same qualities with perhaps a side of my good eyesight and appropriately filtered one liners. 

In conclusion, I will take the wise words off of a Home Depot bucket and say "let's do this." Let's make this garden into somethin' great. Let's follow through. Let's grow some food. 
(Insert Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt here.)
(Then google Jonathan Taylor Thomas to see what he's up to these days.)


  1. You can do it! And I'm totally jealous that you have a place for raised garden beds. Our house faces south and I just can't come to grips with putting raised beds in the front of our home.

    1. Thank you! This gets me pumped that i really CAN do it! Do you have indoor plants?