Monday, May 19, 2014

Coffee date.

If we were having coffee together today I'd have you over, we would sit on our back porch in the warm sun, with our coffees and talk the morning away.
{mmmmm, breakfast quinoa. Recipe from Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist}

I would tell you about how I've been challenged in the best of ways as I study God's Word on contentment with the DePaul women I mentor. This study is hitting me hard, and calling me out, and shedding light on the areas of my heart and mind that need that kind of work that only God can work on. The kind of work that I'd like to try to work out on my own, but I know is a lost cause without Him. 

I thank God for the restlessness in my soul that reminds me this world does not satisfy. 
Complete satisfaction comes from God and God alone, and I know that, but so often I get off track. (Thank you Lord for your grace that pulls me back to where I need to be.) I have honestly been asking the Lord to show me where I am discontent. In what areas of my life am I going to something or someone to fill something only HE can fill? In what areas of my life have I let disappointment take over to the point where bitterness and anger have taken root? I am asking that God would help me to discover how HIS LOVE can satisfy the longings of this heart of mine. 

As we continue to soak up the sun that the whole city has been longing for, I would ask for your prayers as I continue to seek God with this blog and my Etsy shop. I have felt this prompting or urge or however you would describe it to just stop, talk to the Lord, and listen to what He wants for these two things that are so near and dear to me. I've felt stuck, but also have ideas. Have not known what to write, but also have thoughts in my mind that need to get out. I want what He wants for the blog and the shop and if I am headed down a path that isn't lead by Him, I don't want it. 

I want everyone who reads my blog to know how deeply loved they are by Jesus, and how a relationship with Him is the most incredible thing in the world. I want you all to feel known even if you and I don't know each other personally. I want to produce products in my shop that are made with excellence, quality, and love. I want to use the talents, skills and gifts God has given me to produce good things. 
On the blog and in the shop. 

As I pray and seek and listen, I am continuing to move forward with these two things. And if one ounce  of my heart isn't giving God all the glory, I am asking Him to put me in check. 

As we go grab a refill and head back outside, I would want to know just as many details as I've given you. The good stuff. The difficult stuff. And everything in between. It's these kinds of moments that fill the soul. 
It is quite beautiful if you ask me. 

Let me know how I can be praying for you. And thanks for stopping by. See you next time! xo

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Urban garden update.

PK has been a travelin' man since the beginning of the year, so we've really been trying to soak up the weekends. This past weekend was a sweet one. I met him downtown after work on Friday and we went to Eataly (if you haven't been there yet, go! It's awesome), we gardened, and spent time fixing up the backyard, and he took me out for a Mother's Day brunch on Sunday at our favorite spot in Chicago, Bongo Room.
 'Twas a good weekend, indeed. 

So, this whole gardening thing has actually been kind of fun! Well, maybe I don't know that yet because all that I've really done is water our veggies and herbs indoors. But this past weekend, I got to plant them and I feel like a proud mom to these babies! And PK is like the proud dad of the yard in general. The yard is like our big, tall son who plays football or something. Or not at all. All to say, here are some pictures documenting our relaxing time enjoying the yard (to have one here in Chicago is rare) and the lovely weekend.

Hard workin' man.
Baby orange bell peppers
No makeup. Bangs pulled back. 26 weeks along. Crazy hair. Here I am.
Baby rosemary with baby boy. 

Thankful for this peaceful patch of grass that we can make ours. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lovely. Local. Last-minute.

Alright you procrastinators. I am one of you. And today we unite. 
If you live in Chicago, I've got some last-minute goodies that mom will love that you can purchase, wrap, and give by tomorrow without her thinking that you did anything last-minute. 

Lovely & Local gifts

I purchased the candle called "Celebration Day" for one of my mama friends, and you guys, it smells ah-maz-ing. Each candle is handmade every day, they are eco-friendly, and aesthetically impeccable. 

I don't know many people who don't LOOOVE their coffee, so this is always a win-win when it comes to thoughtful presents. Check out Everybody's Coffee here in Uptown. They brew it and sell really beautiful hand-made mugs to add to the gift. 

Hands down the cutest people ever. And everything they make is beautiful. I bought the "Cook with the ones you love" towel for a friend for Mother's Day this year & I can't wait to give it to her! 

I bought the candle and the kitchen towels at the cutest flower shop/store in Uptown, Forget Me Knodt. While you're there, you might as well pick up a card and some flowers, too! This lil' shop has a team of lovely people that make lovely flower arrangements and sell lovely things. I call it a piece of heaven in Uptown. It really is a one-stop-shop for any gift on any occasion. 

Alright, procrastinators, there ya have it! If you're in Uptown today doing your last minute shopping, let me know and we can go get a Cherry Limeade at Sonic! #ournewneighbors

Friday, May 9, 2014

My heart, my thoughts, on being a mama.

This weekend is a special one. We celebrate you sweet mamas and the gift you are to your kids. To the world. We celebrate you sweet mamas out there that long to know the babies you never got to meet. The mamas who had babies here on earth but are now in heaven. 

I think for me, this weekend will be one of those every year that has mixed feelings of extreme joy and extreme sadness. Extreme joy for the little life inside me right now. Kicking and moving and letting me know he's hangin' out, doing his thing. It's incredible really, to experience such a thing. My heart is so grateful and excited that I am his mom. And then the extreme sadness. Because this is the time of year we lost our first baby. The one that made us parents. The one that made me know what love is in a whole different way. 
Our Elston. 

I've recently gotten into some conversations about how I get to celebrate Mother's Day next year, when I am actually a mom. Yes, those conversations have actually happened. Try figuring out how to not have your hormones throw you into a rage so furious after you've had that conversation with someone about how you're not a mother yet. I'm praying with all my might that my sweet friends who read this who have lost babies have never ever ever had to experience any kind of conversation close to this one. 

But if you have, or if you are wondering "am I really a mom?" after your loss(es), I want you to know that yes, indeed, 110% you are a mom and you will always be a mom whether you have sweet little ones in heaven and/or here on earth. Our baby Elston is our son, who was alive in me for a short, yet sweet time. I don't understand how that wouldn't make anyone a mother after experiencing something so beautiful and quite frankly, miraculous. Your babies that went to be with the Lord are your daughters. They are your sons. And don't you let anyone tell you otherwise, my sweet friends. 

All this to say, I am both sensitive and celebratory as I think about all of you beautiful women out there who have the privilege of being moms. I am the same for you beautiful women out there who long to be moms one day. I pray for you all this weekend. You are on my heart like crazy. You are AMAZING women who are loved deeply by God, who knows you, and has things planned for you that you wouldn't believe. 

Happy Mother's Day weekend. xo