Thursday, May 15, 2014

Urban garden update.

PK has been a travelin' man since the beginning of the year, so we've really been trying to soak up the weekends. This past weekend was a sweet one. I met him downtown after work on Friday and we went to Eataly (if you haven't been there yet, go! It's awesome), we gardened, and spent time fixing up the backyard, and he took me out for a Mother's Day brunch on Sunday at our favorite spot in Chicago, Bongo Room.
 'Twas a good weekend, indeed. 

So, this whole gardening thing has actually been kind of fun! Well, maybe I don't know that yet because all that I've really done is water our veggies and herbs indoors. But this past weekend, I got to plant them and I feel like a proud mom to these babies! And PK is like the proud dad of the yard in general. The yard is like our big, tall son who plays football or something. Or not at all. All to say, here are some pictures documenting our relaxing time enjoying the yard (to have one here in Chicago is rare) and the lovely weekend.

Hard workin' man.
Baby orange bell peppers
No makeup. Bangs pulled back. 26 weeks along. Crazy hair. Here I am.
Baby rosemary with baby boy. 

Thankful for this peaceful patch of grass that we can make ours. 

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  1. Could you BE any cuter? (That was my Chandler Bing voice Btw) I can't believe you are 26 weeks already. It will be here before you know it!!!!!