Friday, June 13, 2014

Freeze Frame Friday.

So, I always have these good intentions to start a series on this lil blog, but let's just say I'm still a work in progress at following through and continuing things. "Better to start than to not have at all" will be my motto for this one, and we will take it week by week and see what happens. 

All this to say, welcome to Freeze Frame Friday. It's my end of the week wrap up where I take moments from the past 6 days that were sweet or meant a lot, or that challenged me, and document them. Freeze time for a second and be able to look back at these little (or big) points in time that I don't want to forget. Or that will remind me when I do forget. 

Last weekend we watched our friends' dog, Louis. 
He was fun to have around and really was the most chill dog. Except when going up and down our stairs. He refused at first. Like, refused. And my pregnant self had to carry him up all three flights one morning. Louis taught me patience and reminded me that sometimes we all just need a little nudge and some encouragement to face our fears. Here he is playing in the backyard. Lovin' life. Sippin' water. 

PK and I have been prepping for parenthood.
Let us pause for a moment and notice my one crossed eye. America's got talent right there. Un pause. 
PK and I have been reading up on all things baby. I've got all the opposing baby sleeping theorists who have been fun to read as well as some birthing books with pictures of people from the '70s. Those pictures are quite a treat when you're least expecting them. Can we just say blonde man in a tank top with a gold chain necklace, chest hair included? Once I got passed that, the book is really informative. And we've got some fun ones too, like Bringing Up Bebe about an American woman's observations of how the French raise their kids. I know when our little one comes, there will be some tidbits of information that are pure gold and some we will throw out the window. It's been so fun to be first time parents with PK. 

Cooking brings me such life.
I've really been a slacker as of late in the cooking department. Just kinda been lazy. I knew it had to change when all we had were sweet potatoes, pasta noodles and vodka spaghetti sauce. And I made them for dinner. And while all those things are great, it just wasn't the best main dish and side dish together and really all I wanted was Five Guys or something that tasted satisfying. This week was different, thank ya Je-sus. I forgot how much joy it brings me to take the time to look up recipes, shop for the ingredients, and cook everything up. I'm glad I'm back in the swing of things again! 

The Simple City Shop is in full swing!
I am aaaaaaalmost done with a huge order that I've gotten to hand-letter for a sweet bride in NYC. You guys, having this little Etsy shop has been hard work and time consuming in the best of ways. I've had to create and re-do, and create and re-do. For every. order. I've. created. It has reminded to be a woman who creates and produces beautiful things with excellence and if I'm not, what's the point? As I started this little business, I thought I would just whip something up, easy peasy and that would be that. But it's so much more than that. I want to care and love my clients by creating exactly what they dreamed for their wedding, or a gift for a loved one or a print to decorate their home, and most importantly, I want to honor the Lord with the gifts He has given me. So if that means re-doing something what seems like 50 million times, so be it. I believe this has made me better at what I do on so many levels and I'm really thankful for what I'm learning and how I'm growing.

Alright my friends, that's all for this week! Dinner guests are coming over in an hour! What are some moments in your week you want to freeze and remember? Happy Friday! xo


  1. Your work looks so beautiful! I'm sure the bride and groom will adore your signs :) Read every baby book with a grain of salt - every baby is different and no one book will be the answer!

  2. Thank you so much Margarita!
    I love what you wrote & needed to hear it because I know once we meet our little guy, we will figure out what's best for all of us. Books or not! xo