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Two years later…

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Hello, it’s me.
Blogging again.
Not promising myself this is going to be consistent, but I’m at least going to try. Last time I tried to start this thing back up again, life whisked me in every which way. And it might just do that again. For now, here’s a time lapse in short sentences to help you catch up:
PK got a new job.
He got accepted into and started business school.
We got pregnant with Eleanor.
Eddy turned two.
Eleanor was born.
Nick became the Bachelor.
And bam. Now here we are in the midst of it all.
Thanks to all the sweet folks that encouraged me to just start to document life again on this bad boy. Whether it be daily or once a month. To be an encouragement to someone somewhere out there hopefully. To offer hope when the going gets tough and when the sailing is smooth.
I’m heading out the door here soon to hang with a friend and her kiddos because you all know that the time after nap and before bed is hit or miss and when it’s miss it’s like pull my hair out.
Here’s a lil’ pic of us as a family of four. My gosh I love these people. Thanks to Stephanie for getting a pic of me from the waist up. You get me. Also, our children are a tough crowd apparently. Stoics.
Glad to be back.