Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christine vs. Mr. Blog

Friday night.
Hubby fell asleep at 8:30.
Are we getting old?

Here I am with the intention of finally sitting down to watch  JP & Ashley get married. They tied the knot, what, like two months ago? I still haven't gotten to celebrate it yet. I'm such a bad friend.

But then... it sucks me in...
                                           trying to set up this blog.

Rosenbaums, I guess you'll have to wait one more day until I celebrate with you because tonight it's me vs. this blog. Usually the blog wins & I am getting used to that fact. So, Mr. Blog, I'll show you who's boss this time by writing this blog post, because at least I know how to save something as a draft. So, ha, sucka.

Now that I got that out, I think I just need to process this whole thing. This whole thing meaning setting up this blog that I've been dreaming about for a good long while. After attending The Influence Conference I was affirmed in my passions, and inspired by the incredible women there to go for it. Set this blog up. And hopefully make something of it, if that is what the Lord wants to do with all of this. There's just one thing about all of this.

It is hard.

There are all these new computery terms and dashboards and gadgets and pages that I thought worked one way but I'm realizing I really have no clue how they work. It really makes me want to pull my hair out. Well, maybe just the gray ones that have been showing up more frequently as of late. {It's a sign of wisdom, right?} I'm not sure what I was expecting with this thing. Something more simple perhaps. Or maybe it truly is simple and I'm taking the tough route and making it more difficult than it needs to be. I tend to do that sometimes.

The whole ironic thing about all of this is that the blog is about simplicity. Seems counterproductive to me. It's so much the opposite of "simplicity" for me, that I've considered just scrapping the whole thing. I've asked the Lord if this is what He really wants me to do. Are these frustrations and road blocks telling me that perhaps this blogging thing is all in vain and to just stop while I am ahead? I'm not doing this for me {or so I don't think I am}. I'm doing this as a way to share my life, to meet people where they are at, and for God to get glory in all of it somehow.

But, just when I get down about all of this, I stop.
I think about it.
And I remember.
Just because things are hard, doesn't mean the Lord doesn't want us to follow through with them.

Thinking about that truth seems like it doesn't apply in the context of my blogging. My relationship with God, it applies. My marriage, it applies. My friendships, it applies. My work, it applies. But blogging?

Then I think about it more. And when I think about it more, it applies more than ever to blogging. This is something important to me. This blog is more than a blog, these are pieces of my heart, my world, that I share with whoever stops by {because you who have stopped by, you my friends are incredibly special & loved), in hopes that someone will feel understood, or maybe for the first time feel normal because finally there is someone out there that goes through what they go through.

So, yes, Mr. Blog, you've driven me to tears, it has taken forever to figure you out {and I still haven't}, and you remind me why I did not major in anything with computers in college. You're complicated, and not what I expected as we get to know each other. But doggonnit, I'm not giving up just yet. I've already paid $10 for a domain name for crying out loud. I'm doing this, even if I'm not the boss most of the time. This is humbling and makes it that much more worth it to figure out the kinks and be in the process of all of this. There is beauty even in the process of setting up a blog. Who knew?

Depending on Him.
Learning about myself.
It's 11:30pm
I feel less old falling asleep now.


  1. Lovely first blog. Only suggestion I have is that the font needs to be bigger. It's sort of hard to read, but I love the font itself. It sort of looks like your handwriting even! Maybe my eyes are old, and I need to start wearing my glasses more though :) Love you.

    1. lemme know how it is. I switched the font size

  2. woooot! Yeah, Christine! You'll figure it out. Day by day, you know?
    And I agree about the font size thing. Now who feels old? (hint: this lady)
    Love you!

    1. Day by day is right! OK, so check out the font now. Lemme know what you think. Gimmie honest feedback!

  3. Your writing is so engaging :) Excited that you've started a blog and look forward to seeing more! Go you!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement and help in all of this! You inspire me!

  4. Hey Christine! Courtney sent me your way. We're planning an Influence Regional Meetup and she told me about you. I'm in Chicago too, Uptown. Where are you? Can you email me at raggletaggletammy (@) so I can get your address and add you to our list? It's nice to met you!!

    None of your comment options are working for me. My name is Tammy and I blog at