My Summer 2018 List Of Nail Care Must-Haves!

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Hi lovely folks! It will be summertime soon and it will be time to experience humid and warm air that is great for nails and the skin. It has been a busy summer for me but nonetheless, my nails are so much healthier than they have ever been. Today, I will present post about my products one must have during this year’s summer! I’m sure some of you have seen, heard or used most of them but I will still write about them anyway for the benefits of those that are yet to use them.

nail polish for summer

To start with, NAIL BUTTER! I completed an extensive audit of this product a few months back and I would like to say it is awesome. I have purchased and used it ever since. I love that you can see results as soon as you start using. I have also recommended it to my customers and family members…that is how you know how much faith I have in this product.

Next up is a great cuticle nipper. I have to warn you though; I feel exceptionally enthusiastic about cutting cuticles. Be careful so you don’t cut off your eponychium! It is a living tissue and has a place there! In the event that you have unpleasant, intense, enormous fingernail skin, you ought to have a moisturizing regimine and not a nipper! However, a great arrangement of nippers is critical to get hangnails in great shape. If your hands are always in chlorine or water, you will definitely get hangnails on your sidewalls, and nipping is always a superior alternative to picking or biting. The Cricket Pro Cuticle 1/2″ Nippers are awesome for regular nails.

In case, you’re in a hurry most of the time and do not have the time to clean your nails frequently, a great nail strengthener is an ideal and awesome method to secure until your next nail salon appointment. Creations kiara sky dip powder is ideal for this – kiara sky dip powder is there to protect your nails (it does not contain formaldehyde). I’ve worn this few times in the recent weeks and it has been able to preserve my nails until my next manicure.

This list cannot be comprehensive without the inclusion of a foot care product, after all, it is sandals season! A decent foot cream or moisturizer is required to give your feet a pleasant look after a pedicure, and it is always difficult finding the right one to use. I cherish Freeman’s masks, so when I saw this Freeman Callus Balm Bare Foot Heel from the same brand, I knew I had to give it a trial. The peppermint + plum aroma is fruity, light and this combination makes it more of a lotion than a balm. Since then, I have been using it not just on my heels but also all over my feet.

Finally, KBShimmer makes it to the top of the list. It shouldn’t be unexpected that an awesome top coat would make it to the list of things to have during this summer. This season is all about sparkles! When the bug sprays, the solvents in spray-on sunscreens, the sun and other elements have taken turns in suffocating the shine in your nails, another layer of KBShimmer will bring the sparkle right back.

So there it is! The comprehensive must-have nail items for Summer 2018. Together, all these products will ensure your feet and hands are looking extraordinary, with just a little effort! So go out and appreciate whatever is left of your summer without thinking so much about your nails because these products have got you covered. What are your present most loved nail mind things? If you have other favourite products that you think ought to make it tothe list, d let us know in the comments section.

6 Things Your Nail Technician Wants to Tell You

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You most likely drop by the nearby nail salon routinely to get your feet and hands cleaned and buffed, yet have you at any point thought of how a salon appropriately sterilizes their hardware or what your nail tech thinks about your unshaved legs? Read on to learn little well-established facts about what you ought to expect when you visit a salon.

Nail Technician

Close up of beautiful female hands having manicure treatment. Nail polishing.

1. Shaving calluses is illicit in many states At some nail salons, some nail techs may offer to shave your calluses with a sharp blade. Calluses shield our feet from day by day tear and wear so it’s best to simply smooth them with a pumice stone as opposed to shaving them off entirely.

2. Try not to shave your legs before a pedicure
While nail salons are required by law to wash and sanitize their tubs with solutions that are hospital grade after each customer, it’s a smart thought to secure yourself by holding off on shaving until after your salon appointment. Diseases aside, shaving additionally strips the legs of a thin layer of skin, expanding the odds of irritation that are exfoliating beads or perfumes used by salons.

3. Bringing your own salon instruments isn’t really more safer
Proficient salons are required to clean their devices with cleanser and water to expel debris, followed up by a 10-minute minimum soak in a sanitizer that is hospital grade. In the event that you’d still rather cling to your own instruments, sterilize them after each usage by following the similar cleaning schedule: Scrub them with cleanser and water, soak in a disinfectant for a few minutes or just simply rub alcohol on them.

4. Nail techs are not miracle workers
Periodically, a woman comes in with mutilated and chewed up nails and cuticles and expects completely remodeled hands and feet in an hour, yet she does nothing to take care of them at home. We will try our very best to fix you up but you could do yourself a huge favor by tending to your nails occasionally at home.

5. We’re cheerful to offer fix-ups—more often than not
The most widely recognized issue [we see] is individuals screwing up their polished nails but while specialists comprehend that mishaps can occur while in transit to the drying botch, that doesn’t give clients the permission to be reckless. As experts, we can tell if the chipping or botch up is a result of an oversight we made or if it is entirely the customer’s fault so reconsider before you attempt to pawn off your nail-biting habits as a poor polish job!

6. Do not hesitate to request for evidence of sanitation
Never delay to catch up on appropriate sanitation before you get a nail trim or pedicure. In certain locations, state cosmetology laws require that nail specialists use a different nail file for each client. It might be to your greatest advantage to check out a recently established salon with the most recent style thrones, and to show up early before your appointment so you can see how they actually sanitize their equipment.

What Are The Different Types Of Pedicures, And Which Is Best?

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Take in the diverse pedicure alternatives accessible to you — from athletic, French, spa, regular and that’s only the tip of the iceberg — and discover which sorts of pedicures are best for nail polish, dry foot skin, ingrown toenails, cuticles, calluses and everything else your feet require.

The Different Types Of Pedicures

Regular or Classic Pedicure

Practically all spas and salons offer this standard treatment. Exemplary best pedicures incorporate a warm foot soak and scrubbing the foot with either a foot file or a pumice stone and afterward, clip the nails shape them, push back the cuticles and a short and foot massage if necessary. This alternative is useful for individuals who are searching for general foot and toenail upkeep such as callus expulsion without much complains or spoiling.

Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure elevates the great pedicure from numerous points of view. The procedure, by and large, incorporates an assortment of updates, including a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dips, an exfoliating scrub to further remove calluses and fragrance based treatment oils added to the footbath. Furthermore, spa pedicures are for the most part done in a private and more relaxing environment than a conventional pedicure at a customary nail salon. The experience should influence you to feel spoiled and ultra loose

Athletic or Sports Pedicure

This sort of pedicure is fundamentally the same as a classic pedicure yet with a slight turn: cooling aromatics are utilized to help alleviate sore and ease tired muscles. It is an ideal treatment for athletes irrespective of their sex and in addition, anybody hoping to get their feet fit as a fiddle without ruffles and frills. Footfiles suggests this alternative for individuals who experience the ill effects of ingrown toenails, headstrong calluses and other foot issues that require genuine TLC.

French Pedicure

The notoriety of the French nail treatment has spread to the feet as of late, giving French pedicures a category of its own. A French pedicure is essentially a spa or classic pedicure with the inclusion of painting dainty white stripes on the tip of the toes accompanied by a pink or sheer nude color at the nail base.

Gel Pedicure

A gel pedicure is essentially an indistinguishable procedure from a spa or classic pedicure, with the exception of the nail expert using dnd gel polish rather than the customary kiara sky gel nail polish if the need for painting arises. Gel clean is specially made to last for about 2 weeks without chipping (settling on it an exceptionally well-known decision for nail treatment). The disadvantage of it, however, is that it leaves you with dry nails after removal with acetone.

Ice Cream Pedicure

This kind of pedicure picked up notoriety two or three years back and begins with a foot douse that incorporates aromatics that can soften the feet and an ice-cream shaped fizzing “bath ball” full of vitamins. A chocolate foot scrub, a strawberry/vanilla foot scrub, accompanies this or an “ice cream sandwich” pumice for calluses. Finally, a “foot icing” dampness treatment utilizing whipped moisturizer and is rounded up with red nail clean — to recreate the cherry on top obviously!

Who wants to know how to remove SNS?

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BJJ and beautiful nails don’t blend, not for me though, since I cut them down each couple of days to prevent the idea of being ‘that’ scratchy-nail lady on the mat. And polish? Nah. I only do that when I have an important event to attend. Well, in the wake of getting my first SNS nail manicure for my brother’s induction, I figured out how to effectively deal with a mani and training.

sns nail supply


The pretty shot

Aren’t they flawless, plastic amazing looking incredibleness?! Truly strong. I was drumming my fingernails along everything.

Since my ‘improved’ French manicure was blunt, awesome and not as long as my usual nail length, I was able to pull it off shortly before the induction; no scratching anybody or feeling like I may unintentionally rip my claws off.

Back to the United Kingdom, and in spite of the fact that the SNS was beginning to grow out, I needed to be vain and keep that souped-up nail feeling for a few days more. Nevertheless, how do I trim them when they grow too long and scissors cannot handle them?

Way to go! It was dreary but then it worked.

For the next few weeks,  I kept my nails short for BJJ, and that French nail trim (though it was looking odd since the white section was gradually vanishing) kept on holding with no issue. Just so you know, it was quickly looking more terrible and awful.

So this is where I start feeling lazy. Who really gives a darn what they look like now anyway! Do I get remover or visit a nail salon to get it removed? No way! I’ll just let them grow off on their own.

All the BJJ holding began to pry them loose mid-roll to the astonishment of my preparation crew; Hey! I just found your nails and guess what…they’re fake!

It is great I didn’t lose any real nails in the process or feel a thing, I do now have a large portion of my hand looking like a bizarre pink stuff are all over my nails, and my nails don’t feel strong anymore. I sincerely hope it won’t be so for long.

Don’t let yourself be stressed out. What you’re seeing is mostly residual glue and not ragged layers of your nails like you thought.

How would my nails have look if I had decided to remove the SNS nails the responsible manicure-girl way? Possibly, perhaps not, the opinions on the internet seem divided. Whichever way, it is most likely the course I’ll take if I ever have to repeat this manicure.