Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter spray paint project

Here I am. 
Chicago. Middle of winter. Snow on the ground.
 What's the one thing on my mind? 
Spray painting, duh. 

A little background before I proceed.
We moved into our condo almost two years ago. Homeowners, woo! It truly has been a slow process decorating this place, which I think is good. We want to keep our home simple, yet beautiful and do so without spending a fortune. Which means two things: 
I get to be creative & take my time doing so. Sweet freedom! 

The thing I love about our home is that every piece in here has a story. 
The stories range from spray painted items found in a Lincoln Park alleyway, to a Macy's crazy awesome sale, to a sweet gift from generous friends, and so on. All these pieces make our home, our home, and it truly is my favorite place on this earth. {Besides Scribe Winery}

So, back to the one sunny, snowy, wintery Chicago day last week. Call it cabin fever, call it a spark of creativity that I just couldn't hold back, call it what you want, I was outside. Back deck. Gettin' my spray paint on and I didn't even care what the back of the can said about only spray painting in weather that can only be 50-90 degrees with humidity below 65%. 
Our master bathroom needed a little lift and I thought I was the perfect girl for the job. Here's how it went: 

Before pic:

Step one: 
Get a frame at the thrift for $3. 

Step two: 
Go outside, lay down a tarp. Oh wait, didn't need one, I had SNOW! 

Step 3: 
Spray paint

Step 4: 
Let it dry, then scratch it up with some sandpaper to make it look a little worn and cool.

Step 5:
Put that thing on the wall loud and proud. Hang your favorite jewelry inside it on some little nails and voila! No more boring wall and now there's a place for your jewelry besides a plastic sandwich bag inside the bathroom drawers. {please tell me I'm not the only one that does this}

After pics:
{iPhone photos only go so far}

This bathroom has a ways to go and I'm excited to see how it evolves. If you have any fun suggestions, or ways you have spruced up your bathroom, let me know. I'd love some more ideas! Until next time, keep enjoying the simple things life throws at you. 
the simple city girl

P.S. I want to give credit where credit is due when it comes to this project. I don't want anyone to think I'm stealing this idea because I know it wasn't mine, but I don't know where it's from. I know the idea probably came from couple things on Pinterest but I just kind of did my own thing as I went along. Just wanted to be clear and ethical. 


  1. Love it! Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Aw thanks Tammy! Yeah, I gotta show you around my place now!

  3. yesssss the towel from world market

  4. Haha! Hilar! I really went back and forth on that purchase. I'm glad I made it. And I'm glad you remember. xo

  5. I have one of these! Except the frame has kind of a decorative sheet metal staple gunned to if so that I could put little hooks on it to hang necklaces and earrings from. I have yet to put it on the wall. That should be my weekend project goal :) I got the idea from a past roomie. We had one that we shared hanging in our bathroom. When she moved out it went with her and I have wanted to recreate it ever since!! Such a fun functional decorative piece. I like yours hanging by the mirror, it doubles the decor part of the project :)

  6. So fun! Did you need spray paint for it? If so, being it over on Sunday. I've got colors! If you don't need spray paint and it is awesome as it, I cannot wait to see it!

  7. *bring it over. {I even clicked preview before I published the comment and a lil typo still sneaked in.}

  8. What a productive case of cabin fever! Love it. I've contemplated this idea and just not sure I could pull it off (I only have 3 necklaces). But it's so sweet and simple!