Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to let my lovelies* know just how much they mean to me. When I think of them, I think of bright little lights that sparkle and shine in this dark world. 
{Not to be confused with Tierra's sparkle on The Bachelor. Yikes!}
These women not only shine in their love for Jesus, and make the world a better place, but they light up my life as well. 

To go along with this theme of light I thought it would be fun to make them little candles, so they can be reminded to keep shining. They also threw a FABULOUS tea soiree at their university Valentine's Day night so I thought it would be fitting to make the candles in tea cups.

Here's the step by step of how it went:

 1. Went to my fave thrift stores in Uptown and found these adorable tea cups! $1 each!

2. Found these lovely free printable tags, dazzled 'em up by letting the girls know they light up my life, then made a name tag for each girl. For that, I traced the bottom of a wine glass, cut it out and wrote their names. Cheers!

3. I then made the candles. I followed the instructions on how to make 'em from the beautiful Something Turquoise blog. Before I made the candles, I purchased my first candle making kit on The kits come with everything you need. When the wax from the kit ran out, I ran out to Michael's and got some more soy candle wax. I have been loving the ArtMinds brand. It runs about $22, but I always use a coupon and usually get it half off.

4. And of course you can't forget about the presentation! I wrapped these puppies up in burlap, tied them with bakers twine {$1 at the Target dollar spot!}, and added the tags. Now they are ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed!

{{A little love note to my lovelies}}
Ladies, I absolutely adore you and am so grateful for you in my life. You are even more adored by your Heavenly Father and loved beyond what you can comprehend. Remember that always, and continue to light up this world by being you. He has created you in His image. {Genesis 1:27} He has created you just how He wanted and He knew you before you were born. {Psalm 139:13-16} You are tailor made and He made no mistakes when he created you, you know. He knows your strengths and your weaknesses, and in fact, He picked those out just for you.
To reflect who He is.
 To draw you closer to Him.
To make you more like Him.
To light up this dark world and make it a better place to be.
You are talented, lovely, and I think the absolute world of you. You have my heart and you always will.

*I'm on staff with Cru and my lovelies are the women I get to walk alongside during their years in college. They are absolute gems. 


  1. What a sweet and creative gift! And loved the Bachelor-sparkle reference :)

    1. They were really fun to make and pretty easy!
      There were priceless lines last week on The Bachelor! haha!