Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marathon Training.

I am training for the Chicago Marathon. 
It's nuts. It's difficult. It's incredible. All at the same time. 

PK and I ran it two years ago. The details of that one are in my last post entitled "Monday Coffee Date." I'd like to spare you the details on this post. It's was hilariously bad. I'll leave it at that.

{Don't let the smile and wave fool you for one second folks}

This time around, training has been an emotional roller coaster. But that's what I love about running. It brings me to my breaking point.
Physically, mentally and emotionally.

The only way home is to run.
 The only way to keep running is for my mind to believe I can. 

There's the physical and mental. Then enter the emotions from the day, the week, the month, this season of life and you get a nice batch of Christine running on Lake Shore Path crying her eyes out. That's what it's been the last few training runs. Ya know, at this point in my life, if you know me, you know if we hang out for a heart-to-heart, I'm probably going to cry. If you cry, I cry. If I cry, I cry. And apparently, when I run, I cry.
No new news here I guess. 

Welcome to my world Chicago runners and bikers along the path. It's me, the girl along the path that can somehow cry and run at the same time. Hopefully your thoughts are "wow, that's impressive." If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll get a sneak peak of me wiping my nose on my shirt. Oh life. It's a sweet, yet complicated thing all at the same time. 

The thing about running is that it clears my mind. I let my thoughts think what they want. I let my heart pray whatever five words it can muster out in my mind. PK and I let the conversations happen how they want to happen. It's me at my best. It's me at my worst. Jesus in my heart. Husband by my side. Leg muscles sore. Thinking I might die. But somehow getting home in one piece. 

It's raw. It brings out what's really going on. Sometimes I feel like my sin is magnified with each step as I hit the pavement. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with sorrow as I think of this season we are still in and how my heart is still in a million pieces. Sometimes all I've got is extreme joy thinking about the fact that I've got this man next to me. Quoting Scripture to get us through. Telling me we are in this. Together. Every step of the way. 

And I've wondered why I cry. 
Now I wonder why I wondered.

There's a lot going on in there, and by the grace of God running gets to the heart of the matter. It brings to the surface what's really there. It's me at the core of who I am. Real deal. No holds barred.
Joyful. Angry. Peaceful. Broken-hearted. Tempted to give up.
All in a matter of seven miles.

I look forward to what the next 19 miles has in store. It might not be pretty, but it's real and it's good and I thank God for meeting me there five days a week. Right beside me. Guiding my steps. Holding my heart.

{Right after we finished the marathon.}


  1. Beautiful post about running friend. I have only trained and run for a half-marathon, but you better believe there were plenty of tears from me on those training runs too. Keep on keepin' on! :)

    1. Julie, a half is such an incredible accomplishment. I think after this marathon, it's gonna be half marathons for me. It's a good challenge for the body and mind, but it's not torturing yourself. haha. Also, thank you for sharing that you too have the tears coming on the trail! I'm not alone!!! Love you dear friend.