Thursday, August 22, 2013

Farmhouse Retreat

We found a little piece of heaven and it's only three hours away!

Our church small group stayed in this beast over this past weekend. 
It's an old, restored farmhouse and IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. 
Not only was the house beautiful, our small group had an awesome time catching up, laughing lots, spending time in the sunshine, and allowing our hearts to connect. 
Here is a glimpse of our weekend in pictures:

I spent my mornings here. Coffee in hand. Hashing through some stuff with Jesus. Good for my soul.

Pontoon fun!

^ He is such an incredible man. ^

The girls

The guys

I HAD to take a picture of the free parking sign. That doesn't happen in Chicago. Well, except on Sundays. Thanks Rahm.  

My little Chicago family, I love you dearly! 


  1. Great pics! The Chicago fam is the best ;)

    1. It sure is, isn't it? Glad you're a part of it! Love you.