Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend: Round Two!

Turkey Day 5k was a huge success. 
We had fun, got some exercise, and went back home to even out all the calories we burned. 
First things first: Mimosas. It's what we do. 
Mmmmm. Homemade pumpkin doughnut holes. And a creepy reflection of my face.
Sis-in-law "resting her eyes" as my mom calls it.

The morning consisted of lounging around watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and football. 
In other words....'Merica. The day went by slow which was just how I wanted it to be. 
Relaxing, cozy and comfy. 
If you know me, you know I take at least one picture a day of our dining room table and put it on Instagram. It seems like it anyway. 
We received these lovely napkins for our wedding and I LOVE them. 
Clean, classic, and who doesn't love a good monogram?
After setting the table and taking a moment to Instagram, we got to work! PK is the pie maker every Thanksgiving. This year he made an amazing open-faced apple pie and a delish pumpkin pie. Homemade crust and everything. This was the best crust yet!
Turkey is brined, cooked and ready to eat! Here's my man with this nice apron that is supposed to go around the waist. Made by my talented friend, Andrea. 
Eat up, kiddies! 

Some of our sweetest friends, Jamie and Kinzi came for dinner. Aren't they so cute?!
Kinzi made some INCREDIBLE truffles for us to eat. You can find the recipe here. They are by far one of the best desserts I've had. And they make me feel fancy. And I hear they are super easy to whip up.
Speaking of cute, get a load of their cute lil son, Tripp! I love this baby so much! 
Turkey butt.
Thanking the Lord for such a sweet day, family and the sweetest of friends. 
We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of food, and I am grateful for it all. 


  1. You look so dang cute in your stitch fix! and you make me want bangs!

    1. I'm glad I kept that lil top! Thanks my friend! Oh my gooooodness if you got bangs we could be twins forever.