Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals.

Welcome 2014! 
The new year always makes me excited. New beginning. Clean slate. New goals. 
What? Goals?!!! Aaaaaaaaah! I can't believe I let that one slip in there. 
As an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs scale, I am not one to get all goaly and planny. As an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs scale, my hubby is. And he says it's one of his love languages. I have a rule that we all get one love language that actually isn't a love language. PK chose making goals. I chose surprises. To each his own.

As much as I kick and scream at goals, I know they are SO good for a girl like me and I am thankful that I married a man who is motivated by that kind of thing. I guess I am too, deep down somewhere inside. You just have to make it sound like a ton of fun, and then I'll get on board. 

All this to say, here I am with a list of goals! 
I want to share them with you. For accountability. To motivate each other. And to just be brave and put myself out there. So, I'm hoping you let me know some of your goals too! 

I know, I know, this one goes on the goal list every year. Here's the thing this year though. I am so tired of letting myself slip. I long to feel good about myself and what I'm putting into my body. I need some discipline. I need something to work toward. And I'm ready. 
 Here they are:

- I'm mixing it up with yoga, barre, and strength workouts. 
- Introduce juicing back into our diet. At least three times a week.
- Our diet will be very vegetable heavy. On the menu are lean meats & some whole grains as well.

 To stay disciplined I am realizing that the best for me is that the goals need to be really measurable. So, I have created a schedule for workouts, and menus for what we are eating and when. It's so much easier when I plan ahead for meals. I don't know what I haven't done it in the past. Saves money too.
{Well, I guess there is a little planny person in there somewhere!}
Ok, this one goes on the list every year too. But here's the thing. 
Well, there's no thing. I need to read through it. 
This is one passion that has really developed over these past two years. I love sharing my heart on this space, connecting with you, laughing, and crying with you. This blog has been a gift for my soul and I don't want to stop. I've got a lot I want to share these days and this year I am going to let myself do so. My goal for blogging is to have at least four posts out a week. It's going to take planning and discipline and I am going for it! The plan is being put in place so all I have to do is follow it. I pray it will be a place you can come to rest, and be encouraged, and reminded of how loved you are. 

To end, I want to encourage you with my little mantra for this year:
We are SO much more capable than we know.
 Thank you Pinterest work out video for this reminder. 
Happy 2014 and may your goals be ever in your favor.


  1. Hey, I have a mantra you can add to your healthy living goal.
    "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Or maybe we can change it to "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels"
    I'm sure some famous person said it some point in time but I heard it for the first time from my sister over this past Christmas break. Personally the mantra is not working for me yet but there is still time. :)

    1. Love that second one! I've seen that quote on Pinterest!