Monday, January 6, 2014

Coffee Date.

Good Monday to you my friends! 
Today is a chilly one in Chicago, which really is an understatement. It's the coldest it's been since like 1000 A.D. Okay, not really but it feels like it, and Chicago really did break some record probably. It's -15 which means I'm not going anywhere. Which would make a Monday coffee date a bit tough, so thank goodness it's a blog post and not an actual planned coffee date. 

All this to say, if you and I were sitting down for a cup of coffee, I bet we would ask the barista to make them extra hot so they would stay warmer longer on this blistery cold day. I would want to know how you are doing. Like really doing. Your heart. Your mind. Even if it takes an hour to get there, I'm willing to listen and just sit here for a while. Remember, we got our coffees extra hot. So that means I mean business. 

With a new year here, are you excited about it? Dreading it? In between? Did you make goals or are you about up to your ears with the talk about goal setting?  I'll probably be wondering if you would want to keep each other accountable with similar goals. Or I'd ask you if you'd check in on me with one or two of my goals if you don't have any. 

As we continue to keep our hands warm wrapped around our mugs, I would tell you that I really am looking forward to this new year. 2013 was such a hard year on so many levels, I was just chomping at the bit for it to be over. It was a year of really high highs (PK now being a Chartered Financial Analyst, him finishing a marathon, two NYC trips, friends having sweet babies etc...) and really low lows (losing our baby Elston). I know consistency isn't promised to me, but I am not afraid to ask for it for this year! I am not putting my hope in it, but continuing to put my hope in the Lord this year. He has been good to us though it all. 
I would say that I didn't know this process of grieving the death of Elston would be so long. It is less dark, with less tears, but not a day goes by where I don't think of our sunshine baby. I am trying to be patient with myself still, and let God into the dark places that do continue their presence in my mind. Oh, this journey with grief has been an incredibly interesting one to say the least. I have experienced God in a whole new way. His comfort, His heart, and His care for my own heart. I feel known by Him and free to just be. Even if "being" means weeping on public transportation. Whateva. People have seen worse on the CTA, that's for sure. Me crying is chump change compared to what goes on sometimes.  

As we wrap up our coffee date and bundle up to enter the cold tundra, I would thank you for listening to my heart and being with me where I am. I would ask how I can be praying for you and give you a big hug with both of us in our huge Chicago winter coats. 

See you next time! 
You are loved

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