Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pregnancy: Hilarious advice & comments I've received.

Pregnancy. It has been such a gift. Such an experience. 
I try to soak it all in each day. The little kicks. The look of my tummy as it grows. My senses. My emotions. How sweet it is to lay next to PK and hear him talk to our boy. The things he says to our baby send my heart to the moon and back. He is already such a good papa. 
{Here he is chattin' it up with Eddy}

Over these past couple of months, I've received advice, comments that have tried so hard to be compliments, and pretty much everything in between. I thought I'd share some of these priceless treasures with you because they are too good to keep to myself. Enjoy them thoroughly. I know I did, and I wish you were there with me during the moments they happened. 

A man on the el who was under the influence of something other than just life: You married?
Me: Sure am. We've got a baby on the way too.
Man on el: You're using cocoa butter on your tummy, right? 
You gotta make sure you're using that cocoa butter.
Me: I actually am. No stretch marks for this girl. 
(Side note: sometimes I wonder why I say things)

Multiple people when I was about 23/24 weeks along. 
(Which was in April):
You look like you're about to have that baby any day now. When are you due? 
Me: Thanks. Middle of August. 

Man who will forever remain nameless: Man, Christine, you used to be one of the thinnest people I knew and when I saw you today, I almost didn't recognize you. 
Me: Yeah, me and baby are growing!

Woman who will forever remain nameless who asked: 
How much weight have you gained?
Me: I never answered her because I slyly changed the subject.


Woman in Uptown: There is somethin' bout a pregnant woman. I tell ya what, I'd keep havin' kids if I didn't have to keep 'em. 

Man on Sheffield & Armitage: Congratulations to you!
Me: Aw! Thank you so much! 
Man: You're elevating those feet, aren't you? You gotta make sure you're elevatin'.
Me: Sure am. Trying not to get those kankels. 

Lady in Uptown the other day: You look like you're about ready to pop! 
Do you have two growing in there?!
Me: Nope, just one. Must be a big boy.

I post these to give you a good laugh. I in no way was offended by some of these comments. I feel like the Lord has made this such a sweet season of life, and I am in awe of Him and how He makes it all work to allow this little human to grow in me. It's a privilege and I'm willing to do whatever it takes on my part to continue to make that happen. Baby and me are doin' our thing, and I think we're doin' our thing pretty well. And I feel really good. And I'm really, really thankful for that. 

In these moments, I stop and lift my glass of water with Sonic ice in it and cheers to all of you who have made my jaw drop, caused me to laugh and (true confessions) pee a little, and have made my day with the conversations you've had with me as I walk around carrying our little bun in the oven. 


  1. The weird comments continue after the baby comes...just so you know!

    1. That's what everyone keeps telling me. I'm in for a wild ride.

  2. Hahahaha this is great. And sonic ice... Girl that sounds like heaven. Really truly. ;)

    1. Julie, oh my gooooosh I can't stop eating that stuff!