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Who wants to know how to remove SNS?

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BJJ and beautiful nails don’t blend, not for me though, since I cut them down each couple of days to prevent the idea of being ‘that’ scratchy-nail lady on the mat. And polish? Nah. I only do that when I have an important event to attend. Well, in the wake of getting my first SNS nail manicure for my brother’s induction, I figured out how to effectively deal with a mani and training.

sns nail supply


The pretty shot

Aren’t they flawless, plastic amazing looking incredibleness?! Truly strong. I was drumming my fingernails along everything.

Since my ‘improved’ French manicure was blunt, awesome and not as long as my usual nail length, I was able to pull it off shortly before the induction; no scratching anybody or feeling like I may unintentionally rip my claws off.

Back to the United Kingdom, and in spite of the fact that the SNS was beginning to grow out, I needed to be vain and keep that souped-up nail feeling for a few days more. Nevertheless, how do I trim them when they grow too long and scissors cannot handle them?

Way to go! It was dreary but then it worked.

For the next few weeks,  I kept my nails short for BJJ, and that French nail trim (though it was looking odd since the white section was gradually vanishing) kept on holding with no issue. Just so you know, it was quickly looking more terrible and awful.

So this is where I start feeling lazy. Who really gives a darn what they look like now anyway! Do I get remover or visit a nail salon to get it removed? No way! I’ll just let them grow off on their own.

All the BJJ holding began to pry them loose mid-roll to the astonishment of my preparation crew; Hey! I just found your nails and guess what…they’re fake!

It is great I didn’t lose any real nails in the process or feel a thing, I do now have a large portion of my hand looking like a bizarre pink stuff are all over my nails, and my nails don’t feel strong anymore. I sincerely hope it won’t be so for long.

Don’t let yourself be stressed out. What you’re seeing is mostly residual glue and not ragged layers of your nails like you thought.

How would my nails have look if I had decided to remove the SNS nails the responsible manicure-girl way? Possibly, perhaps not, the opinions on the internet seem divided. Whichever way, it is most likely the course I’ll take if I ever have to repeat this manicure.

Dos and Don’ts for Keeping Your Cheer Shoes Clean

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Follow these instructions to keep your cheer shoes neat and clean:

Cheer shoe bags have a compartment that shoes can travel in so use them. This will keep your shoes from getting grimy (and, the other way around, keep your training wear and other cheer things neat). A different shoe compartment implies your shoes will not retain conceivable smells or sweat that may have come from worn uniforms used for practice.

Only wear your cheer shoes at training and at exhibitions. This implies you should not wear your shoes directly after or before practice time or wearing them on your way to the exercise center. Put on regular shoes or sandals before the exercise time and then change into the cheer shoes when it is time. Indeed, even shoes used outdoor are not made to deal with harsh surfaces like rock or asphalt. If you limit the period of time you wear your shoes, they will last longer.

If your shoes get grimy, clean them off instantly. If you clean them with a damp cloth and it does not work, add a little soap to it.

Ensure they are sitting upright and put away accurately whenever they are not in use. Try not to squish your shoes into a pack or heap sacks or apparel over your shoes in your storage room. This can demolish the state of your shoes.

Refrain from doing these with your cheer shoes:

Do not use a washing machine and a dryer to clean your shoes. While it might be okay to wash certain shoes in the clothes washer, other may not be okay. You do not generally know how a shoe will hold up in a clothes washer. Some shoes are lightweight and the strength of a washing machine could damage them. The dryer can really recoil your shoes and they will not fit your feet properly. In the event that your shoes get messy, wash them with hands. If you are tired and cannot wash off the dirt immediately, pour in some foot powder and allow the shoes to rest overnight.

Do not clean your shoes with coloured clothes. Your shoes may be recoloured if the fabrics shed colours when damp. Use white clothes or towels when cleaning your shoes.

Do not use too many chemicals on your shoes. In the event that your shoes require proper cleaning, begin off with moderate products as can reasonably be expected. Toning it down would be ideal; especially when using bleach or some other similar items. It is recommended that you use only water and soap on your shoes

If the base sole of your shoe is beginning to isolate from the shoe, do not stick it. While this may function as an (extremely) impermanent arrangement, it is dangerous for shoes used for cheerleading. It can cause damage and may shatter into pieces while in use. When your cheer shoes start going bad, it is ideal to replace them.

Now tell us how you would clean up your cheer shoes.

After Reading these 5 Ways to Help a Teammate, would you do them?

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Some portion of being a decent sportsperson—and not only a decent competitor—is being a decent teammate. That is likely simple for you most of the time; however, it is coming through for your partner when they are down and need help is what solves the equation. Here are five approaches to help a teammate in troublesome circumstances:

  1. Resist aggressiveness. In case you are accustomed to being the star, it can be intense if another teammate eclipses you. Propelling yourselves and each other to be the best is healthy but when you start hating on each other and hoping to see each other fail, it becomes a problem. Such things are never wanted on a decent cheerleading group. In the event that you feel hurt or baffled when you are not given a spot you needed, let that mistake push you to work harder. Try not to give it a chance to influence your connection to the team. Remind yourself you need what is best for the team and your partners. Concentrate on keeping everyone including your teammates happy.
  2. Always cheer them. The most effortless approach to oppose unnecessary sentiments is to work for the success of your team. Empower and bolster them!
  3. Stay with them. You are not a specialist or an advisor or a professional in each school subject, however, you can simply be there so you can help them go through their issues. Obviously, if you have the capacity to assist her, do it, however, in some cases simply being there with her favorite food is all she might just need.
  4. Do not be shy to ask for assistance. If you have a teammate suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders or any other harmful problems, you are not equipped to deal with such affairs. However, comforting her and helping her find the right person to deal with it will be great. If she requires a therapist, a doctor, psychiatrist, councilor or teacher to handle the issue, let them do it. Try not to push her away or get her more depressed. If you feel she could take her life, tell someone. It is better to have a friend that is angry over one that is seriously hurt.
  5. Set the tone. Your companions and partners deserve the best, is that not so? Consider what you need in a decent partner and imitate that. Be fun, empowering, and dedicated, yet in addition be genuine and inform your partners when you are having an intense time with something. Your teammates could end up becoming best friends because of your efforts.

Freeze Frame Friday

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As I sit back and drink some homemade lemonade with Sonic ice (duh), I can’t help but think back on some things I’ve been really grateful for lately. These are moments I don’t want to forget from the past few weeks.
Our little boy is basically a teenager now. Tomorrow I’ll be 35 weeks along! Just when I think things are gettin’ real, then I realize things are gettin’ real. And then it’ll probably just get more real in every season with him. It has been an honor to house our sweet Eddy for these past eight months. I don’t want to forget the kicks and little rib jabs or when PK reads to him and asks him about what he thinks about the economic state of foreign countries. You think I’m making that up, but I’m not. It’s hilarious. All I’ve been reading to him lately are Top 10 Buzzfeed lists. (bahaha!) All this to say, it’s a miracle, like a serious miracle that this baby is growing and thriving and wiggling and I thank God every day that we get to experience this and be Eddy’s parents.

Just when I think I can’t get enough of this man, he goes and gets me Sonic. In a V-neck. Have mercy. This season with PK has been sweet as we prepare to be parents. There’s been a lot of relaxing, and Friday Night Lights, and yummy dinners at home, and coffee dates, and PK helping me off the couch, and rubbing my feet that literally look like blown up rubber gloves. (It ain’t no joke people, it looks like I can pop these things) I’m grateful for my husband, and his kindness to me, and his listening ear, and how he can make me laugh in the midst of my hilarious pregnancy woes. Let’s never stop laughing and enjoying the little things PK, and let’s never forget this season we’ve had together. I love you.

We took a trip to our friend Sara’s parents’ house and it was glorioooooous!  Sometimes I don’t realize I need to get away until I get away. It’s a little oasis every time we go there. It was so fun to hang out with our sweet friends from here in Chicago. We got to wake up slow, boat all day long one day, lounge around, have good conversation, eat good food, and the list could go on. Sara’s parents are the best, and ask us good questions, and really want to know us, and it makes me feel so loved. Thank you Daryl and Gretchen from the bottom of all our hearts for having us over and loving us the way you do!
What are some sweet moments you’ve had these past couple of weeks? You know, the ones you want to store in a little box and never forget? Write ’em down, journal them, blog about them, keep ’em archived somewhere so you can go back and be reminded of the things that make the heart full.