Bed & Breakfast

Just when I thought labor day weekend couldn’t get any better after the retreat with my students, PK surprised me with the cherry on top of that weekend sundae! He and our friend Raef had gone to play a manly game of golf on Saturday and planned a little getaway for Sara (Raef’s wife) and me.

You sly dogs, you.

So, PK picked me up from DePaul, we re-packed the suitcase and headed to the Copperstone Inn. I think any Bed & Breakfast we go to from here on out will be chump change compared to this place. It.was.amazing.

I know, it was kind of a shack.
They had their very own beautiful garden.
Our yummy breakfast. We met such great people too!

Apples on Apples.
The men throwing apples into the pond and probably talking theology or economics.
Thanks for holding my purse PK!
Being all thinky.
Don’t mind the dirty ol’ feet and ghetto pedi. I was filled with joy, so that’s all that counts, right?
Raef & Sara and our favorite bun in the oven.
Konickis in an orchard.
Thank you to our husbands for a much needed whisking away.
We respect and admire you like crazy.
We love you!