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The Capsule Project: First outfit pairings!

The outfit pairings are underway and I’m excited to share with you some outfits I’ve made with my first capsule wardrobe piece: The Blazer. I got it two Black Fridays ago with my sweet lil mother-in-law. The whole fam shops all day that day. No joke. And it’s awesome. My mother-in-law has more energy when it comes to shopping than any other human being I know. All this to say, we got it on super sale and I love how versatile it is. I can dress it up, or keep it casual. It’s a timeless, cute, statement piece.
Keeping it casual:
This combo consists of The Blazer, a men’s button down, my glorious maternity gray skinnies, the belt that emphasizes my lil’ bump, and let’s not forget my thrift store booties. I pair this outfit with leggings as well because the shirt is the length of a shorter dress.
A bit more dressed up:
Same kind of style with this one, because let’s be honest, I only have two pairs of maternity pants. I paired this one with my favorite green maternity skinnies and a blue and white striped cotton shirt. Booties, always included. To dress it up a bit more, I have nude pumps that I adore.
With this blazer, I feel like I don’t need a statement necklace or really any jewelry because the gold buttons make their own statement.
Soooo, those are just two of the outfits I’ve put together. I’m excited for more spring time weather so I can pair this blazer up with some cute dresses! Right now, I’ve got a broken DSLR that’s in the shop and my photog has been a hard-workin’ travelin’ man so I hope to model some of these lovely outfit combos soon!
I hope these have shown you that it is surprisingly easy to mix and match a couple of outfits using one great piece of clothing. May you be inspired to keep on making that Capsule Wardrobe work for you! xo
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