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Sleep for baby. Big lesson for Mom

Sleep. One of the many hot topics as PK and I delve into this world of parenting. Do we put the baby on a schedule? No schedule? Feed him to sleep? Let him cry? All’s I know is our kid needs sleep and he’s not getting any. Call it the four month sleep regression then mix it with a little teething, and it’s a recipe for some sleepless nights and days where naps last about 15 minutes. (Sometimes I say 20 minutes to make myself feel better. Haha!) There are SO many opinions about this. And theories. And I’ve just been praying and asking God to help me know what is best for Eddy. To help me know my boy better and to give me wisdom in how to go about this thing. I’m clueless and all the things out there make me not want to read anything because it’s so overwhelming! Waaaaah!
All to say, we’ve had a rough go at it, but it’s getting better. We indeed started Eddy on a more structured schedule, our sweet new neighbor let me borrow a Rock-n-Play which is a Godsend, and I stopped feeding him to sleep in the day. And as I type this, he’s been asleep for 41 minutes which is a world record as of late. All I can say is…
As I’ve been shushing and soothing and rocking and singing while Eddy fights sleep with all his might, I get the picture in my mind of God doing the same with me. Not with sleep, but with my heart. And my will. And my mind that thinks I know better than He does. And when I fight it, oh the sweet things I miss out on. What He wants for me is to come to Him, to rest in Him, for my soul to be rejuvenated, for my mind to be restored. To believe His truth and live it out, not from my own strength but from His.  What a sweet picture it is of God relentlessly loving me and holding my heart and not letting go. As He fights for me, He knows what is best. He calls me to climb up in His lap and just be.
I am oddly thankful for the sleepless nights and tough days and for Eddy teaching me lessons at the ripe ol’ age of four months old. Do I want them to continue? Meeeh, no. But they do remind me to trust. To let go. To know Him and be known by Him. And rest.
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Weekly Tone-Up

It’s true. This week was the start of me getting back into the swing of things when it comes to working out. First trimester of pregnancy took it out of me, but now I’m back like Michael Jordan after he retired those three times. Plus, my chiropractor said I need to be a bit more active because I’ve been a bit “sedentary”. Basically it was her nice, medical way of saying “time to stop being lazy.” I received it.
So, to keep me accountable and to encourage some of you who are having a tough time being motivated to work out too, I thought it would be fun to show you some ways I’ve been keeping up my “non-sedentary” lifestyle. Every week I will post a couple of my favorite Pinterest work outs that make me feel the burn. I do these workouts in my home. It’s my safe zone. This week is arms. Enjoy!
Fave arm workout #1:
Oh my gah, in this one they make you do this thing where you hold out the weights for 30 seconds and I feel like my arms are going to burst. Seriously, breathe through it because it’s awesome.
Fave arm workout #2:
Madonna’s arms? Why not?
Fave arm workout #3:
My friend Cassi told me about this woman named Tracy Anderson. She’s one of those that gets the celebs in shape. You guys, you’re going to feel like a total nerd doing this video, but it’s SO great! This  is one of those workouts that reminds me of why I do these in my house.
Fave arm workout #4:
In this one our girl Tracy Anderson shows us how to get fashion-ready arms. It’s not as hilarious as the video above, but it still kicks my butt.
If you try any of these, let me know which one is your favorite! I would LOVE to do this with you! Also, here’s a link to my Pinterest workout board. It has a ton more workouts that I love, but just didn’t post here on the blog. Cheers to being non-sedentary!
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Blessings & Difficulties.

One of my lovelies created this and made this quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer really come alive. So, the next logical thing to do was share it with the world! Jenna is incredibly talented so I thought I’d brag about her for a sec. You can follow her on Instagram @JennaKoop.
{Jenna, I just had to because you have a gift,
 and I was having a proud mom moment.}
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Life lately: In pictures

Today I thought I’d share some sweet life moments. There are always pictures being taken of everything these days. So, here are a few of mine that have been refreshing for the soul. Hope you enjoy!

Time with Jesus. The best part of my day.
Baby’s first onesie! PK and I kind of love pugs.
So, Nate, Andrea and their twins made us this onesie that is the most perfect thing ever.
I’ve re-done our room. Kind of. Just with some new pillowcases and sheets. It invites spring in with it’s colors and patterns and I’m really loving how it turned out!
My lil’ Etsy shop has been keeping me busy lately, which has been so fun! I am in LOVE with these blush pink place cards with silver writing that I’m making for Jessica.
Oh just melt my heart, why don’t you?! PK has been traveling for the past two months now and words on this blog cannot describe how much I miss him. Here he is reading to me as we both proofread something he had to fill out for church. He has been working so so hard in his job and I am beyond proud of him. And then to hear him reading about his journey with the Lord here in this picture?! Swoon. I’m in love.
And thankful for FaceTime so I can see the progression of that beard!
Lil’ baby K is growing and I’m feeling movement lately! It’s so stinkin’ amazing.
 My predictions: our child will be the hip hop dancer I secretly want to be.
PK’s predictions: I haven’t asked him, but I’m gonna guess that he secretly is banking on the kid coming out of the womb with a Ph.D. #omega3s
We get to find out the gender soon! I’m basically peeing my pants with excitement. Or it could be because I always have to pee. Either one, we are pretty jazzed.
What are some of your sweet life moments lately?
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