Top 5 must have clothing items during the I’ve-got-more-to-love-but-still-no-bump stage of pregnancy.

So I’ve heard about it. Friends have gone through it. That stage in pregnancy where the pants don’t fit as well as they used to. The button starts poking your stomach and half way through a coffee date with your girls, you surrender and unbutton like you just ate round two of a Thanksgiving meal. Sweet, sweet surrender.
It’s a beautiful thing that’s happening right now in this season I’m in. I’m sustaining life, so grow, baby, grow! While baby and I tag team this thing and grow together, I thought I’d share my top five favorite pieces of clothing that have gotten me through the getting-bigger-but-don’t-have-a-baby-bump-yet stage.
First up to bat: loose fitting shirts.
Thank-ya Jesusss that loose fitting shirts are in style.
Everyone wears these things, so I feel like I fit right in. And still feel good.
This shirt is from I just found this website not too long ago and they have really affordable clothes and accessories that are super cute. Thanks Pinterest!

Next on the list of wonderfulness are the Slim Leg Elastic Pull-On Pants. Go ahead and make fun of my elastic pull on pants…if you dare. Because they are glorious. And they have no button. And no one knows.
These classy no-button, elastic-waisted pants are second runner up to my super baggy sweatpants, my friends. They are a dream. All of you know how much I love my “back up dancer hip hop pants” as I like to call them. Sometimes when I wear them, I dream of being a Fly Girl on In Living Color. {If you don’t know what that show is, then you don’t even know the glory you missed out on from the years 1990-1994} I digress. All this to say, these pants are amazing. You can class ’em up or style ’em down.
Flowy tops with prominent patterns have been my best friends.
They distract and you get compliments on the pattern. Two birds with one stone, sisters.
Francesca’s has been my one-stop-shop for these kinds of blouses.
Men’s shirt + belt + leggings {or not!} = cute outfit that’s baggy enough but super feminine.
My friend Sara did this all the time when she was pregnant and I think it’s genius.
I went and picked up a men’s business shirt at the thrift store. There are TONS of them there for $2.
You really can’t go wrong.
Big. Comfy. Sweater Cardigan.
Can you imagine this thing with those classy leggings from the picture up there and a flowy tank?
It’s pretty amazing. Trust me. Pair the outifit with some gold-tipped flats and you’ve got a cute, comfy outfit that makes you feel confident.
There ya have it, friends. My favorite pieces of clothing that are getting me by as I wait expectantly for our lil bun bun to grow. For you mamas out there, what have you worn during this stage of pregnancy? Any more tips you have to help a sister out?