Stitch Fix for mamas!

So, my very favorite gift to give my girls these days are Stitch Fix gift cards.

I want everyone to experience the fun of getting happy mail on their doorsteps. A box of beautiful, quality clothes picked out specifically for them. The gift cards give them a little money toward their Fix, and the clothes just make you feel good!

I’ve had some of my mama friends ask if it would be worth it to sign up. I say a big YES, and today’s Fix really proves it. The stylists really take into consideration where you are in your stage of life, which I really appreciate. For mamas who are nursing, chasing kiddos, at home, at work, out for a walk, I feel like the clothes they give you are beautiful, and easy to romp around in. Good for nursing, and for mamas that don’t. I’m still even wearing my Stitch Fix pieces as a growing pregnant woman. Boom.

Here are a couple of gorgeous pieces that were definite keepers for my dear friend Sara. And there may or may not be a couple of pictures of her sweet daughter, Ruthie who is outta this world cute.
{Now’s the time to insert the baby emoji}

This top was amazing for so many reasons. And it’ll go with pretty much any color skinny jeans.

I love these gold flats she paired with the outfit.

I’m actually showcasing the shirt here, but isn’t the necklace cute? {J.Crew} All my other pictures of Sara in this shirt were waaaaaay too bright, {like, beyond repair} but it was way too lovely. She looked amazing in it. I think this may be your color, Sara.
Oh. My. Goodness. Stop the press. Sara, isn’t this the best picture ever?! My heart is like eeeeeeeeeeee!
If you all can for one second, take a look at this sweater because it’s so pretty.
Then get a load of Ruthie’s cheeks. Sweetest lil thang.

Hope you all loved this as much as I did! The outfits were amazing, Sara looked amazing, sweet Ruthie is amazing, and the thought that Stitch Fix can meet you where you are no matter what stage of life you’re in is pretty stinkin’ amazing too. If you want to learn more about it, click here. xo