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To bring or not to bring. Part three.

Picture this….it’s the dead of winter.
{I know it’s hard to picture right now in the dead of summer}
Family road trip from Ohio to New York City.
Failed to check the weather before we left.
Heavy snow.
Fake leather fashion boots.
So long feet. So long boots.
And so the story goes with me last winter.
If you plan to take a trip to NYC in the winter {which I think you should because it’s pretty}, now’s the time to glean from me and do what I did not do. Learn from my mistakes and enjoy The Big Apple to the full.
Here are some wintertime must-haves when staying in NYC:
1. Good boots. The ones pictured are the L.L. Bean Boots which I love and adore and keep my feet nice and warm. The thing about it is that you indeed can find a fashionable pair of boots that are super practical. As stated above, the only boots I brought were my fake leather ones from my thrifting-for-a-year days. Let’s just say my feet were wet for so long during the day, funny things happened. They were prunes for a really long time. I know I would’ve enjoyed the pretty snow in the pretty city a bit more if my feet didn’t squish every time I walked.
2. A cute, yet practical hat. I recommend those winter hats that are more floppy at the bottom as pictured. That way, you can still look cute indoors with it on without showing off your hat hair and if the weather gets fierce, there’s room to tuck the hair in so it doesn’t get snowed on. I’m a girl with bangs, and it the snow touches those puppies, it’s over for the rest of the day. So, I need a good hat that I can tuck the bangs into in case of a precipitaion emergency.
3. Layer up. You just never know really what the weather will be like, so layers are your best bet, and you can put together some killer outfits doing so. If it gets toasty, de-layer. If it gets colder, put the layers back on. Accessorize so that the scarf pairs well with the outfit for when it’s a tad cold indoors. Add a cute necklace underneath in case you take the scarf off. It’ll be like bam! Cherry on top of an adorable outfit.
4. Good gloves. Not necessarily the ones pictured. There are cute gloves that can keep your hands warm that still allow you to access all you need to access on your phone. You can find actual cute ones here.
5. Get yourself some Smart Wool socks. {not pictured but necessary} Go ahead, let your feet enjoy a big hug every time they step. These socks are amazing. They whisk away water {but aren’t waterproof}
 and are so comfy cozy.
So, there ya have it. You can kick winter’s butt in NYC now. How does it feel to already have kicked butt before the butt needs kicking? That’s my kind of competition, I do say.
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To bring or not to bring? Part two.

The hubs and I love NYC.
These past posts have been dedicated to it.
What we experienced.
What I learned from it.
And everything in between.
Today is part two of what to bring/what not to bring to The Big Apple.
PK has taught me a lot about packing. The necessary things. The not so necessary. And how to pack it all to fit in a carry-on suitcase.
 This is how it usually goes:
I pick out the clothing.
He packs the clothing so it all fits.
It’s like Mariah Carey and Miguel singing in perfect harmony.
So, let’s get to it. Here are some summertime packing must-haves:
1. Maxi dresses. All day errrday. Maxi dresses are a gift from the heavens for a woman in the summertime. They keep you cool, they make you feel pretty, and they are incredibly comfy. Not to mention, they are easy to pack AND you can pack more of ’em than you think!
 {Packing tip: instead of folding them in your suitcase, roll them}
2. Tight running shorts. If you are like me, I get what’s called “chub rub.” If you don’t know what it is, then google it and consider yourself blessed. The tight running shorts are key when you wear your maxi dresses. Not only do they prevent chub rub, they suck in the stomach a bit. There you have it. Two birds. One stone. Rocking the maxi dress.
{I wear the shorts pictured and I love em. You can get them at Target}
3. Two pairs of shoes only. Yes, only two pairs that match with everything you bring. Ladies, it is possible. I did it.  One pair of cute sandals that your feet are used to and one pair of dressy shoes. OR, like in the last post, wait to get to NYC and get yourself a cute new pair. Make sure to save some room in the suitcase for on the way home!
You can purchase the cute wedges in the picture here.
4. Extra undergarments. I’m gonna go there, even if it’s TMI, because I want to save you from what I experienced. Pack extra undies {you too men!} and bras. I only packed one bra, and it was so unbelievably hot the nine days we were there, I ended up washing it a couple times. In a sink. I guess that reveals my laundry habits on non-hot days. Yikes! I guess you can buy more undies if needed at a store, but they are so easy to pack, just pack a couple more.
So, there it is. Chub rub, my laundry habits {or lack thereof} and the essential clothes to pack for a summertime trip to New York City. Next post will be all about the winter essentials and what I wish I would’ve known before going there in the dead of the season.
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To bring or not to bring? Part One.

Packing for trips has always been a toughie for me.
I’m a girl who likes options but now I share a suitcase with someone whose clothes take up the space for me to have my options. Not to mention, we aren’t people who check bags, so the suitcase has to fit in the overhead compartment.  I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I get to share a suitcase alongside my favorite traveler, and I love that we can spend the checking-the-bag money on not checking the bag.
One more cute new shirt for this girl!
This week I want to give you some tips on what to pack and what not to pack when adventuring over to NYC. We’ve been to the city in extreme summers and during one extreme winter. We’ve had some successes and have had some packing failures. May you learn from both like I did.

First things first. Remember this:
It’s New York City. If you forgot anything, it’s an excuse to get a nicer one that no one has back where you live. So, keep that in mind. 😉

Secondly, if you are intending to do a little shopping, bring less
so that:
A. You can wear whatever you bought on your trip
B. Your suitcase can be a little lighter and able to fit overhead

Thirdly, let’s get practical.
Here are some must-brings if you’re traveling to the Big Apple:

1. Tide Pen. I don’t leave home without it no matter where I am. This little pen packs a punch for my white pants and really anything I spill on. I’m 30 years old and still spill like I’m five. Whatcha gonna do?
{Bring the Tide Pen, that’s whatcha gonna do}
2. Band-Aids. I don’t care how comfortable your shoes are. You’re gonna do walking, and you’re gonna get blisters. We went out to sushi one night on our trip and I was about to walk barefoot around the city because my toes were in such pain in my heels. I failed to pack these and they are SO easy & light to pack. Not to mention non-intrustive. You can just slip ’em in any random pocket for those just-in-case moments.
3. Camera. Last time we were in NYC I just had my iPhone which works great and I recommend it. Aren’t those things such an awesome one-stop shop? This time I brought my DSLR camera and I didn’t regret it for a second. I got some really wonderful pictures. I brought it in it’s bag as one of my carry-ons and slipped it in my purse when we romped around NYC. #worthit
4. Cash. Bring cash with you wherever you go in that city. There are more cash-only places than I ever would have thought. Plus, you’ll tip more people than you think you would. The three times I have been to NYC, I’ve been glad when we have the cash and a little frustrated when we don’t and have to go to an ATM that charges a fee.
Stay tuned this week for more on more tips for surviving the to, from, and in between when adventuring in New York City.
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NYC Vaycay

Last week the hubs and I went on a little getaway to our favorite city
{other than Chicago}, NYC. Well, I’m 90% sure NYC is PK’s ultimate favorite city ever, but mine will always and forever be Chicago, so there’s that.
Have you heard of this website called vrbo.com?
We’ve used it for all the places we’ve traveled and it is awesome. In NYC we stayed in a lovely little studio apartment tucked away in Murray Hill. Didn’t I just make it sound like that cottage in the movie The Holiday? Reality is, it was just as adorable, but smaller with more stairs.
Four glorious flights of them.
The week was filled with adventures.
Exploring neighborhoods, drinking cups upon cups of iced coffee from local coffee shops we discovered, riding the subway, hanging out with friends, marathon training in Central Park, eating at yummy restaurants, .99 cent NYC style pizza late at night, 4th of July fireworks, the Brooklyn Bridge, and I am 80% sure I saw Tim Gunn waiting for the train in the Subway.
“Carry On.”
My dad would’ve flipped because he loves Tim Gunn and Project Runway. I made sure to text him right away and his response was:
 “Definite wow factor! Carry on!”
When does my dad ever say “definite wow factor.”?? That made me laugh.
For the rest of this post, I want to share some pictures of our adventures and let you know I am going to be doing a series on all things New York City, so stay tuned for more Big Apple fun!

^ Waiting for the el to take us to the airport! ^

^ I fell in love with this little old lady ^

^ I get to be married to him. Hot-taaaay! ^

^ Oh, Brooklyn, stop showing off  ^

^ We love Birch Coffee just as much as they love us. ^

^ It was SO hot there. So hot that PK was sweating through his suedes. ^
There are more pictures and more adventures to come!
New York City, you have a special place in my heart.
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