NYC Vaycay

Last week the hubs and I went on a little getaway to our favorite city
{other than Chicago}, NYC. Well, I’m 90% sure NYC is PK’s ultimate favorite city ever, but mine will always and forever be Chicago, so there’s that.
Have you heard of this website called
We’ve used it for all the places we’ve traveled and it is awesome. In NYC we stayed in a lovely little studio apartment tucked away in Murray Hill. Didn’t I just make it sound like that cottage in the movie The Holiday? Reality is, it was just as adorable, but smaller with more stairs.
Four glorious flights of them.
The week was filled with adventures.
Exploring neighborhoods, drinking cups upon cups of iced coffee from local coffee shops we discovered, riding the subway, hanging out with friends, marathon training in Central Park, eating at yummy restaurants, .99 cent NYC style pizza late at night, 4th of July fireworks, the Brooklyn Bridge, and I am 80% sure I saw Tim Gunn waiting for the train in the Subway.
“Carry On.”
My dad would’ve flipped because he loves Tim Gunn and Project Runway. I made sure to text him right away and his response was:
 “Definite wow factor! Carry on!”
When does my dad ever say “definite wow factor.”?? That made me laugh.
For the rest of this post, I want to share some pictures of our adventures and let you know I am going to be doing a series on all things New York City, so stay tuned for more Big Apple fun!

^ Waiting for the el to take us to the airport! ^

^ I fell in love with this little old lady ^

^ I get to be married to him. Hot-taaaay! ^

^ Oh, Brooklyn, stop showing off  ^

^ We love Birch Coffee just as much as they love us. ^

^ It was SO hot there. So hot that PK was sweating through his suedes. ^
There are more pictures and more adventures to come!
New York City, you have a special place in my heart.