Things That You Need To Know Before Getting A Gel Nail Manicure

Having a fresh manicure is totally relaxing and invigorating. You may have to spend hours to have your nails done, but the results will leave you wanting to have the colors or the design on your nails changed more often. It may also be pricey as well. But the time you spend waiting for your nails to be done can help you focus on more positive thoughts (like how awesome your hands and nails will look after!) than on the draining work assignments or things that you still need to do at home.

Things That You Need To Know Before Getting A Gel Nail Manicure

That should not get you to rush to the nearest salon and have your nails done right away, however. Here are some things that you need to know about gel nail manicures before you have them done on your nails.

  1. Gel nails and sns nails alternatives are different types of the same kind. These nail covering offer artificial enhancements to the nails. Both look good on the nails and wear longer than regular nail polish. However, acrylic ones look less natural, look and feel harder, and last longer than gel nail polish. Most acrylic nails are natural or clear-toned. Gel nail colors come in hundreds of shades and need to be placed under a LED nail lamp to cure or harden.
  2. Your nails do not need to breathe. We always think that you need to give time for your nails to breathe. That is, according to this belief, manicures need to be done in between weeks. That is not actually the case. Our nails get the nutrients and oxygen that they need from our bloodstream and not from the air that we breathe.

That does not mean that you can have your safe nail polish without breaks. Your nails do need a rest, every now and then. You also need to give your nails a nail polish holiday to give it time to repair and regenerate the nail cells. This is the case whenever you see that your nails and the skin surrounding them are becoming a bit dry, brittle and starts to peel off. This is also applicable when you see that your nails have started to show some discoloration and/or ridging.

  1. opi gel nail polish weaken the nail beds, but this is due to the removal process. Gel polish is a one-of-a-kind nail polish alternative that has been widely accepted for its long-lasting effect on the nails. With gel nail polish you get to wear fabulous nails that won’t break or chip for weeks. They even get stronger with every application of the nail polish solution as the formula is made with essential elements that support nail growth and health.

What could damage the nails, however, is the nail polish remover. The removal process strips oil and water from the nails which make them feel dry and quite tights. That’s the reason why it is necessary to hydrate the nails and the nail cuticles with a cuticle oil before and after the removal process.

  1. You need to make sure that your nail technician is doing the right thing. Though you may find the salon atmosphere relaxing, you still need to keep an eye on what your manicurist or nail technician is doing with your nails. Make sure that she is giving the right treatment for your nails and not scraping or filing your nails with much pressure. It may take a while to peel off your old gel nail polish, but it will come off gently and easily with the right procedure.
  2. DIY gel nail kits are the new trend. Yes, you can have gel nails even at home. Many brands offer lds nail kits that offer the same fabulous finish that you get from a salon manicure or pedicure. You end up saving money and time if you consider this option. You won’t need to rush for your salon appointment (that is if you have phoned in to have the mani done in the salon) or have to waste time to wait for your turn. You also save more as you only have to buy the nail polish and won’t have to pay for the service.

When you opt for the DIY kits, make sure you buy nail polish brands that are safe (say “No” to dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde), follow the instructions to the tee and have your nail beds hydrated.

Gel nails last for up to three weeks. That means less time to do your nails and you get to enjoy fabulous nails longer. If you think that it’s time to have a gel nail manicure now, perhaps the things mentioned above will make you feel better that you finally thought it is now the right time.