Dos and Don’ts for Keeping Your Cheer Shoes Clean

Follow these instructions to keep your cheer shoes neat and clean:

Cheer shoe bags have a compartment that shoes can travel in so use them. This will keep your shoes from getting grimy (and, the other way around, keep your training wear and other cheer things neat). A different shoe compartment implies your shoes will not retain conceivable smells or sweat that may have come from worn uniforms used for practice.

Only wear your cheer shoes at training and at exhibitions. This implies you should not wear your shoes directly after or before practice time or wearing them on your way to the exercise center. Put on regular shoes or sandals before the exercise time and then change into the cheer shoes when it is time. Indeed, even shoes used outdoor are not made to deal with harsh surfaces like rock or asphalt. If you limit the period of time you wear your shoes, they will last longer.

If your shoes get grimy, clean them off instantly. If you clean them with a damp cloth and it does not work, add a little soap to it.

Ensure they are sitting upright and put away accurately whenever they are not in use. Try not to squish your shoes into a pack or heap sacks or apparel over your shoes in your storage room. This can demolish the state of your shoes.

Refrain from doing these with your cheer shoes:

Do not use a washing machine and a dryer to clean your shoes. While it might be okay to wash certain shoes in the clothes washer, other may not be okay. You do not generally know how a shoe will hold up in a clothes washer. Some shoes are lightweight and the strength of a washing machine could damage them. The dryer can really recoil your shoes and they will not fit your feet properly. In the event that your shoes get messy, wash them with hands. If you are tired and cannot wash off the dirt immediately, pour in some foot powder and allow the shoes to rest overnight.

Do not clean your shoes with coloured clothes. Your shoes may be recoloured if the fabrics shed colours when damp. Use white clothes or towels when cleaning your shoes.

Do not use too many chemicals on your shoes. In the event that your shoes require proper cleaning, begin off with moderate products as can reasonably be expected. Toning it down would be ideal; especially when using bleach or some other similar items. It is recommended that you use only water and soap on your shoes

If the base sole of your shoe is beginning to isolate from the shoe, do not stick it. While this may function as an (extremely) impermanent arrangement, it is dangerous for shoes used for cheerleading. It can cause damage and may shatter into pieces while in use. When your cheer shoes start going bad, it is ideal to replace them.

Now tell us how you would clean up your cheer shoes.